Thank you for all the kind words everyone! I'm really glad you all like it!

Though I'm quite flattered by Addit's idea, there's actually a couple problems:

- A lot of the snippets might not make too much sense, a lot of it was just guessing based on most of the cryptic (but still beautiful) stuff we've seen so far

- And uh.... I don't own the rights to the song. :\ (I wonder what those guys think of the trailer actually, I'll see if I can give them a shoutout xD)

In any case, this was done mainly to celebrate and maybe give the devs some peace of mind as they realize, yeah, they made it!!!

While we're at it though, there's a couple of "secrets/easter eggs" in the video, anyone think they can spot them all?

Timelapse of Skai's promo art

You are very talented, skaiano - very nice work, thank you for this! I know Matt loves it when people do fanart of his designs :D

Your support for Toby's Island has been awesome, so a huge thanks from us!

By all means! I'm so excited, less than $500 CAD away! Though, looking at the kickstarter, it looks set up for an interesting omen haha. Will this game be funded under the number of the beast!? xD

Dunlop Cavern Production Timelapse (Spoilers)

Thanks guys! I know some parts may be a little hard to make out being sped up and all, if you guys have any questions/curiosities about what's going on in a particular segment, feel free to ask!
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