I did it, I'm now a college student yippie! :O :O

Go talk to your counselor and plot out your major!

Nobody gave me that advice and I regretted it for 5 years!

You know what? I think I will! :D I'd have to sit down and make the appointment, but I can probably get one in by this week! Thanks for the advice!

Don't skip class. Seriously, go to your classes. I cannot stress that enough.

Also... wear sunscreen.

Don't worry, I'll go! I know I will because inside I can feel that I genuinely want to! (A feeling that High School tends drain out of people after a while.) I dunno if sunscreen is going to be too much of a concern given the season, my location, and my schedule (afternoon - evening classes). Eh, it can't hurt to put some on anyway I guess? :D

Laura Shigihara's RM game "Rakuen" just released a trailer! Cool stuff, check it out!

Yep! Btw to those who might not know who she is, she's worked on the music for To the Moon and Plants vs. Zombies, so this project should be really interesting now that she's expanding her reach into other fields of the development process!

FUN FACT - Turns out there's actually a place called "Dunlap" that my zip code covers. (Dunlap a variation of "Dunlop" which is in the title of one of my games)

I guess I'll spill the beans heh. One of the optional themes of the contest was hockey. The first thing that came to my mind was a film called "Slap Shot" starring Paul Newman (who I'm a big fan of.) In it he plays the character Reggie Dunlop. In the end "Dunlop Cavern" sounded a lot easier on the ears than "Reggie Cavern," so I stuck with it. Also, "Slap Shot" became one of Hock's moves. So yeah, thanks Paul Newman!

Later on, I did some research on the name out of curiosity and it lead me to this site. Apparently they were a clan of Scottish badasses who lived on a hill that nobody could mess with. (Just scroll down and read the site text and tell me it doesn't sound like a movie trailer.)

But yeah...
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