Zero Suit Samus

So, for those of us who, in past Super Smash games, had an awesome armor-clad bounty hunter who never went into sexy-mode that we could have fun with and could express our desire to be female and badass without being a total sex object, it's pretty disappointing to see that taken away.

If you're honestly saying that I shouldn't be mad at losing yet another character to the sexy side of gaming, if you're seriously saying that I should just accept that a character that I liked in full-armor now is in a skin-tight suit with stripper heels and inflated breasts, then I cannot disagree with you more.

I haven't read through all the comments yet, but...

While I do agree the design choices are rather silly, are you saying that separating the "sex-object" aspects to an entirely separate character from the armor-clad design you've grown to cherish somehow takes that all away? That the mere option to choose the alternate design (where I do agree is kinda overkill) diminishes your willingness to play any form of Samus at all? Or do you feel that suited Samus should've been the only option? I wouldn't say I'm against you on this topic, but I do sorta fail to see how you've "lost" Samus, in fact I actually prefer that they separate them than force us to have to switch back and forth between final smashes. It's a binary choice now, rather than waiting awkwardly for a final smash to spawn so you can turn back. I'm not here to defend the Zero Suit design, but are you saying you're going to boycott the Suited version just because the Zero Suit exists in the first place?

(Though, to be fair, Other M still kinda sucks...)

Social Justice Warios unite!

That about section is the most amazing thing I've ever seen on all of tumblr. Bravo!
Though at the end maybe you should put "we also have a boulder badge." (I seriously just now realized RMN had an emblem despite all the tabs of this site I keep open at all times haha)

I did it, I'm now a college student yippie! :O :O

Go talk to your counselor and plot out your major!

Nobody gave me that advice and I regretted it for 5 years!

You know what? I think I will! :D I'd have to sit down and make the appointment, but I can probably get one in by this week! Thanks for the advice!

Don't skip class. Seriously, go to your classes. I cannot stress that enough.

Also... wear sunscreen.

Don't worry, I'll go! I know I will because inside I can feel that I genuinely want to! (A feeling that High School tends drain out of people after a while.) I dunno if sunscreen is going to be too much of a concern given the season, my location, and my schedule (afternoon - evening classes). Eh, it can't hurt to put some on anyway I guess? :D

[ACE][REQUEST] Visual Sprite Equips via spritesheet "stacking"?

Hi there all! There's this idea that I've been wondering about for some time. So with Ace, it's pretty easy actually to change an actor graphic with an equip through a parallel process event.

@>Conditional Branch: [Actor] is [Weapon] Equipped
@>Change Actor Graphic: [Actor], '$Actor holding Weapon', 0, (None)
: Else
@>Change Actor Graphic: [Actor], '$Actor NOT holding Weapon', 0, (None)
: Branch End

Which is all fine and well, but generally this limits you to changing only one aspect of equipment (weapons or armor). Mainly because it would get to complex/ tedious with events to do additional changes. It'd be like a binomial amount of stuff like:

@>Conditional Branch: [Actor] is [Weapon] Equipped
@>Conditional Branch: [Actor] is [Armor] Equipped
@>Change Actor Graphic: [Actor], '$Actor holding Weapon and Armor', 0, (None)
: Else
@>Change Actor Graphic: [Actor], '$Actor holding just the Weapon 0, (None)
: Branch End
: Else
@>Change Actor Graphic: [Actor], '$Actor NOT holding Weapon', 0, (None)
: Branch End

Which can get disorganized and confusing very quickly. It seems this also carries on into scripts of this feature as well. However, after observation of that script, this script involving stacked events, and the way character generators work through different layers of spritesheets, I began to wonder if you can make visual equips possible by treating each equip slot as one of those layers.

I picture it working as follows:

- As the visual artist I can handle all the graphical stuff, and divide all the spritesheets as needed.
- For the sake of simplicity, I'd probably only need/ want 3 of these spritesheet "stacks", inlcuding the actor's base sprite at the bottom. Essentially it would be: Base Sprite Spritesheet> Torso Clothing / Armor Spritesheet > Headwear Spritesheet > Weapon Spritesheet, with the Z-pos of each being one above the last or something.
- I was thinking each of these "stacks" would be influenced by something like notetags, you would notetag the weapon/armor and the appropriate spritesheet would be called for that stack. On my end I can probably even just make blank spritesheets for when nothing is equipped in that slot. Closest thing I can compare how I'd like it is with the the way Galv's Animated Battlers uses notetags to call battler spritesheets. I picture it where you'd write something like <weapon sheet: $sword> and then the spritesheet '$sword' would be drawn on that layer.

- A stretch / dream goal would be if it could have a similar effect on battler sheets as well, but that might be an add-on or something entirely separate.


Anyway, that's the idea I had in mind. Feel free to share any thoughts on how plausible you'd think it'd be, if it would be difficult, or if it can be done through alternate means. I have no real scripting background as of yet, so I am unsure as to what it might take to accomplish this. Though if it can be done, I think such a simple visual element can do a lot to enhance player immersion and would give them more incentive to want new equipment.

[ACE][SCRIPTING] Just trying to edit in an "on/off switch" to a snippet

You would have to go through each method and call an alias if the switch is on
tbh I'm not sure if that even works lol but I think it should, but that's quite tedious. There might be a better way to do it not sure.
Thanks for the reply! I'll go ahead and give it a shot, luckily we're only dealing with a snippet instead of a full fledged script-system, so the tedious bits should be manageable enough! I'll let you know how it goes! :)

EDIT: Just back from my first attempt, got some 'unexpected $end' errors so I think I'm gonna have another go at it. Though before that I think I'm gonna look up what an alias actually does haha)

[ACE][SCRIPTING] Just trying to edit in an "on/off switch" to a snippet

So I stumbled across this snippet, which I think I may have use for. It's a pretty straightforward script that makes the player move tile by tile. However, I would like the ability to toggle it off and on. It's come to my attention that there's no "general way" to do this, but trying things out on my own despite my severe lack of scripting knowledge, with information I've gathered here and here, the furthest I think I've got was the following:

At the top:
module MGCtile

Script = true

if [MGCtile::Script] == true && $game_switches[2]

At the bottom:


Luckily it didn't crash anything (no seriously, like why didn't I come here first?), but all this edit really did was disable the script outright, regardless of what switch I put in. Again I'm definitely not a scripter, this was all just me seeing if I could luck out with what I could find on the net here and there.

In any case, any input you can offer should be of help. Feel free to take a look at the snippet above to see if it's a complex task or not (I personally don't really have a frame of reference haha.) If you have any suggestions for edits, workarounds, or even alternate approaches I'd be willing to listen!

As always, thanks for your time!

Laura Shigihara's RM game "Rakuen" just released a trailer! Cool stuff, check it out!

Yep! Btw to those who might not know who she is, she's worked on the music for To the Moon and Plants vs. Zombies, so this project should be really interesting now that she's expanding her reach into other fields of the development process!

"I'm a douche who created multiple alt accounts to hype my shitty games"

That's just plain... wow...
Are we gonna need one of these here as well? :

Just get it through your head people! Exploiting the system will only lead to making you look bad. Really really desperate and bad!

How are things going for the MOG events?

I've been eying it for a while now, I think this news post just convinced me to hop in! I'll see what I can do! :O :O :O

Skai's Pixel Diary

Okie-dokie, teaser time haha!

A super tiny snippet of my next piece, can you guess who it is?

(hint: a pretty 'popular' character)