Skai's Pixel Diary

Hehe, sad Karuna! I love it ^____^ Is it okay if I put this on my fanart page for LA? :D

Yeah feel free! I'd be honored! :D


Heheh.... so uh, I may or may not have gotten some inspiration from this scene for something... :D :D

(Also, M-3-1's art looks stunning as always! I've said it once, I'll say it again, watching this project evolve has been one of the coolest things to see ever!)

Skai's Pixel Diary

Quick update to the OP's organization, I'll also be participating in this thing called Pixel Dailies, these pieces will be organized separately.

Also, I'll go ahead and place images in posts as a "most recent" type thing, so you don't have to fish through the OP for newer stuff once it get's more crammed. (Not there yet though haha.)


Saturday, September 13th

Title: "Hisashi Eguchi Study"
Category: Pixel Dailies #001
Notes: Based on this piece by Hisashi Eguchi.

Title: "With all my Heart"
Category: Pixel Diary #002
Notes: Based on this. Character © Unity, source art by M-3-1.

Skai's Pixel Diary

Awww, thanks! More to come! :D :D

Skai's Pixel Diary

Hey guys, this one's going to be completely dedicated to anything I try out with pixels. Cool, yeah, wooh. Now, this could've just been a copy-paste thread of all the other DeviantArt / Pixel Joint descriptions I write, but since I've got a lot of content planned for RMN in the far-far-eversofar-future, I figured this might as well be home to all the in-between stuff, WIP's, extended thoughts, and general discussion around them. And who knows? Might even make some RMN-themed stuff while I'm at it. Here's hoping I'll learn things along the way! D: D: D:

Finished work will get posted up here, everything else down in the thread. Yeh. Feel free to chat, give input, etc! :)


Pixel Diary #001 - #050 (Will collapse list by #010)

#001: In the Photobooth

Reflection: Pixel Joint, DeviantArt

#002: "With all my Heart"

Reflection: Pixel Joint, DeviantArt
Notes: Based on this. Character © Unity, source art by M-3-1.


Pixel Dailies #001 - #050 (Will collapse list by #010)

Daily #001: Hisashi Eguchi Study

Notes: Based on this piece by Hisashi Eguchi.

Stream of consciousness - Of depression and regrets

Hey Marrend, I just wanted to stop by to let you know I'm sure we all still hold an immense amount of confidence in you. There was an exchange you and I had back while Game Chill was still going on, which I will admit put me through similar anxieties, and yet it is that exchange that I actually found as the most valuable I've had on this site so far. At that moment I may have been wording everything with levelheadedness, but to be honest all of it was trying to hide this lump in my throat, this feeling that my work served only to be a disappointment to the audience and myself so to speak. But as you've mentioned above, I had a choice between investing that energy into my panic, or turning it into something positive. That conversation may have not been long, but that alone may have very well taught me the reward which comes from choosing the latter.

To sum up, there is nothing abnormal about you experiencing these anxieties. No one's asking you to not "allow" emotions to happen, but it would do us pain to see them dictate whether you or not you aspire for something you enjoy. From my experience so far, projects die, projects get forgotten, projects grow out of reach, sometimes it feels like I've learned a lot but accomplished nothing, but in all cases I remember that it isn't over. And I have you to thank in part, for that little moment. My aspirations could've just stopped at Game Chill, but I learned that when adversity lies ahead, it will always remain there unless I move forward, to move past it. You've helped me past my burdens, and we all hope we can help you past yours if need be!


Glad to see you've regained confidence, I hope whatever steps you take here-after go smoothly! Best of luck! :)

Tumblr - How does it work?

As mentioned some blogs are dedicated to just reblogging a particular theme, as a place for people to visit for updates or to discover new stuff from that theme. For RM games a good place to start might be , this blog tends to reblog a lot of fan-art, but is also known for reblogging a number of new projects or activity involving RPG Maker games. As an example, they reblogged my older game a lil while back, so giving your posts the rpg maker tag should give you a good chance to get some people looking! Anyway, hope you like tumblr, and good luck!

p.s. : also, if you're confused about where a reblogged post is from, there will always be the name of the original poster above the text of the post, which you can click on and follow if need be!

What are you jamming to?

Just chillin' out.

[ACE] Any simple (er) way to play multiple BGM's at once?

Sure I can probably get one ready for you, I'll just have to take some of the extra stuff so that it'll be an easier download! I'll probably PM you the link, expect it soon!

[ACE] Any simple (er) way to play multiple BGM's at once?

The only issue with that is the looping aspect I mentioned in the OP, SE's don't loop by default. And yeah, the looping stuff is needed because the timing is actually important for what I'm trying to do; basically I want all files involved playing at once, and then changing the volume of each in and out. By default BGM's and BGS's are already able to change volume from their current position, which is really all the functionality I need, but all I'm looking for is the ability to do the same thing for more files.

I went ahead and made a lil' video just to demonstrate what I'm aiming at:

This is done with something playing on both the BGM and BGS channels, I'm really just trying to do the above but just for more stuff.