Anyone know how to get an event to effect the menu without closing it?

Hi all, for a project I wanted to lock a skill until the player equips a certain type of "armor" (made in tandem with fomar's custom equip slots.) That's not the hard part, I already have a simple parallel process event that handles that function well enough:

@>Conditional Branch : [-] is [Fireball] Equipped
@> Change Skills: [-], + [Fireball]
: Else
@>Change Skills: [-], - [Fireball]
: Branch End

Nothing out of the ordinary, pretty simple to understand and it works. Though the only problem is that it only makes the "equipment" check after the player closes the menu entirely. Meaning the player will have to: Equip "Fireball" > Close the menu entirely > Open it again, go to skills to see "Fireball". Otherwise they won't see it initially. Again, it's not really something that's game-breaking, just something that I think would get confusing / taxing for the player to deal with.

Assistance would be appreciated! I would prefer if you can keep things within this method of simple eventing, but if the are other available options via script usage / editing I'm open to them! Thank you for your time!



A real striking visual style! And in made in VX! I repeat the above statement, rogulikes are up my alley! Definitely giving this one a shot, and good luck in the contest!

New Face Art Underway!

Looking great! Also I wish you and your team the best of luck on the contest! Was working on an entry myself but had to cancel due to sickness xD

Anyway, I'm pretty stoked to see all the new art in action, you guys keep up the excellent work as always!


Thank you for all the kind words everyone! I'm really glad you all like it!

Though I'm quite flattered by Addit's idea, there's actually a couple problems:

- A lot of the snippets might not make too much sense, a lot of it was just guessing based on most of the cryptic (but still beautiful) stuff we've seen so far

- And uh.... I don't own the rights to the song. :\ (I wonder what those guys think of the trailer actually, I'll see if I can give them a shoutout xD)

In any case, this was done mainly to celebrate and maybe give the devs some peace of mind as they realize, yeah, they made it!!!

While we're at it though, there's a couple of "secrets/easter eggs" in the video, anyone think they can spot them all?


It's nothing complicated like scripts or anything like that. It's just a parallax background that I made, so it's not like the perspective changes as you move.

Lookin' good! The use of parallax in this shot is reminding me of the good ol' pre-rendered-background PS1 days! Which is good news because that tended to go hand in hand with horror!


A part of me really wonders what'll happen if she met Julie from Porterminus... hmmmmmm it just might be fan art time hehehehe

Linking to YouTube "channels" from profile page

Just a curiosity, so here's my channel: link

As you'll notice in the url, it is listed under the "channel" directory and not a "user" directory. I'm pointing this out because for some reason links on the RMN profile page automatically throw the user directory in, turning my link incorrect. Take note, I think the channel directory came about when YouTube enabled you to create multiple channels under one user account.

So, was there a reason this behavior was put into place? Was their something weird going on with linking to YouTube pages before? In any case, the real question is whether there would be an easy way to alter this as the link above is the channel I dedicate to gamedev/RMN stuff. Would something bad happen if you took out the behavior? Would there be a way to have it recognize both "user" and "channel" directories?

Thank you for your time, assistance would be appreciated!


New Artist Announced! New Title Screen Art! ^_^

Dear christ unity, my nose is bleeding. Absolutely stunning! Even though I thought your original work had its own charm to it, I'm more than glad you found someone who's willing to revamp the art to your liking! Looks great and I look forward to more!
I'll be sure to play the new demo when you release it, till then have fun and good luck as always!

Not much to say!

Good to still see you around! I'm sure you still have all our interest, one of the more interesting projects as of recent!


What does “calm down” do? Is it like defend?

Yeah, you’d probably need to calm down after seeing a flying jumbo jet shark while fighting in the middle of the bloomin’ sky with one dimensional celestial objects passing their way through. Yep - NOTHING’S WRONG HERE!!!

You know it'd be interesting if the protag just put his hand on the jet-shark's shoulder and went "Calm down bro, calm down."