Progress Continues. Also look out for: New Artist!

"Zoom factor?" Is that like when Chisa's face gets too close to the "camera" in some shots? ^^;;

I thought it was kinda neat though! Kinda reminded me of Otacon in the MGS1 codecs.

Also this mystery artist... do you think it might be someone we would know/ recognize? (Suspense is killing me!)

Timelapse of Skai's promo art

You are very talented, skaiano - very nice work, thank you for this! I know Matt loves it when people do fanart of his designs :D

Your support for Toby's Island has been awesome, so a huge thanks from us!

By all means! I'm so excited, less than $500 CAD away! Though, looking at the kickstarter, it looks set up for an interesting omen haha. Will this game be funded under the number of the beast!? xD

[ACE Scripting] How to un-shift sprites in game?

Welp, that just about does it! xD
Thank you so much! I actually wasn't expecting it to be that easy. To be honest I never actually used the 8 index with character/human sprites so I never really noticed the difference. It's neat how they've built the functionality into something easily accessible, see you around!

[ACE Scripting] How to un-shift sprites in game?

Start your file name with ! - it gets rid of the 4 pixel shift.

Thanks for the quick feedback! Though, would that be for an index of 1 spritesheet, or for the index of 8?
(As in, would it be written as !$(Filename) ?)

Or does it go somewhere else entirely?

[ACE Scripting] How to un-shift sprites in game?

Hey guys, there's a certain little event coming up and I thought I'd participate in it. Because of how short the jam is, I thought it would be easier to make a sort of sidescrolling aesthetic. I'll be doing this through use of parallax mapping.

In any case, I noticed that by default, sprites are automatically shifted a few pixels up when in game, mainly so they can look a bit overlayed with your wall tiles. Does anyone know anything in the script that may be modified to remove this feature?

Toby's Kickstarter

I'm not sure if what I'm about to mention will be necessary given that you have what looks like a sort of drop-down toolbar, but do you remember at all the "toggle" mechanic from the GBA version of Harvest Moon? Basically it was like L + B or something, then the character would cycle through each of the tools, holding the current tool over his head tri-force style on each toggle. I'm just mentioning it because it really was the most optimal use of the 2 button control scheme, since not everyone might have a 6 button controller. Just food for thought though, I'm not looking to pile any work on you.

Toby's Kickstarter

Oh man, 6 days, time to signal boost! I don't have the largest following on tumblr, but one of my followers is one of those dedicated blogs that keeps an eye out for anything tagged Rpg-maker, I'll see if I can do "something" to get some attention! Consider it a free service, I'm super stoked for this game and am constantly blown away by such astounding work from the two of you! If there's a game at this moment that I really want to succeed, this is it. Best of luck as always!


Both look incredibly badass.

- Why can’t I just go neutral???
Maybe you can :D

Ha, maybe the color palette will be blue/purple! Anyway, great stuff as usual! Though, the guy on the right is giving me a "certain type of feeling." xD

Moving Forward

Thanks so much! You've totally made my day! I'm also looking forward to what you come out with next. Dunlop Cavern showed a lot of promise, so I can't wait to see your next game!

Aww, I'm glad you feel that way! As far as my stuff, there's one more major update actually planned for Dunlop, and then there's... something else?
I should probably stop cramming this post on other peoples threads ha,....

Moving Forward

In any case, you have a much more cohesive outline than anything I've ever done! My projects just leave me in a mental mess toward the end. I'm what you'd call a sporadic developer I suppose. Anyway, this project is actually the one I get pretty excited for every time I see it in my feed, hope things go smoothly!