[ACE][REQUEST] Visual Sprite Equips via spritesheet "stacking"?

Hi there all! There's this idea that I've been wondering about for some time. So with Ace, it's pretty easy actually to change an actor graphic with an equip through a parallel process event.

@>Conditional Branch: [Actor] is [Weapon] Equipped
@>Change Actor Graphic: [Actor], '$Actor holding Weapon', 0, (None)
: Else
@>Change Actor Graphic: [Actor], '$Actor NOT holding Weapon', 0, (None)
: Branch End

Which is all fine and well, but generally this limits you to changing only one aspect of equipment (weapons or armor). Mainly because it would get to complex/ tedious with events to do additional changes. It'd be like a binomial amount of stuff like:

@>Conditional Branch: [Actor] is [Weapon] Equipped
@>Conditional Branch: [Actor] is [Armor] Equipped
@>Change Actor Graphic: [Actor], '$Actor holding Weapon and Armor', 0, (None)
: Else
@>Change Actor Graphic: [Actor], '$Actor holding just the Weapon 0, (None)
: Branch End
: Else
@>Change Actor Graphic: [Actor], '$Actor NOT holding Weapon', 0, (None)
: Branch End

Which can get disorganized and confusing very quickly. It seems this also carries on into scripts of this feature as well. However, after observation of that script, this script involving stacked events, and the way character generators work through different layers of spritesheets, I began to wonder if you can make visual equips possible by treating each equip slot as one of those layers.

I picture it working as follows:

- As the visual artist I can handle all the graphical stuff, and divide all the spritesheets as needed.
- For the sake of simplicity, I'd probably only need/ want 3 of these spritesheet "stacks", inlcuding the actor's base sprite at the bottom. Essentially it would be: Base Sprite Spritesheet> Torso Clothing / Armor Spritesheet > Headwear Spritesheet > Weapon Spritesheet, with the Z-pos of each being one above the last or something.
- I was thinking each of these "stacks" would be influenced by something like notetags, you would notetag the weapon/armor and the appropriate spritesheet would be called for that stack. On my end I can probably even just make blank spritesheets for when nothing is equipped in that slot. Closest thing I can compare how I'd like it is with the the way Galv's Animated Battlers uses notetags to call battler spritesheets. I picture it where you'd write something like <weapon sheet: $sword> and then the spritesheet '$sword' would be drawn on that layer.

- A stretch / dream goal would be if it could have a similar effect on battler sheets as well, but that might be an add-on or something entirely separate.


Anyway, that's the idea I had in mind. Feel free to share any thoughts on how plausible you'd think it'd be, if it would be difficult, or if it can be done through alternate means. I have no real scripting background as of yet, so I am unsure as to what it might take to accomplish this. Though if it can be done, I think such a simple visual element can do a lot to enhance player immersion and would give them more incentive to want new equipment.

[ACE][SCRIPTING] Just trying to edit in an "on/off switch" to a snippet

So I stumbled across this snippet, which I think I may have use for. It's a pretty straightforward script that makes the player move tile by tile. However, I would like the ability to toggle it off and on. It's come to my attention that there's no "general way" to do this, but trying things out on my own despite my severe lack of scripting knowledge, with information I've gathered here and here, the furthest I think I've got was the following:

At the top:
module MGCtile

Script = true

if [MGCtile::Script] == true && $game_switches[2]

At the bottom:


Luckily it didn't crash anything (no seriously, like why didn't I come here first?), but all this edit really did was disable the script outright, regardless of what switch I put in. Again I'm definitely not a scripter, this was all just me seeing if I could luck out with what I could find on the net here and there.

In any case, any input you can offer should be of help. Feel free to take a look at the snippet above to see if it's a complex task or not (I personally don't really have a frame of reference haha.) If you have any suggestions for edits, workarounds, or even alternate approaches I'd be willing to listen!

As always, thanks for your time!

Skai's Pixel Diary

Hey guys, this one's going to be completely dedicated to anything I try out with pixels. Cool, yeah, wooh. Now, this could've just been a copy-paste thread of all the other DeviantArt / Pixel Joint descriptions I write, but since I've got a lot of content planned for RMN in the far-far-eversofar-future, I figured this might as well be home to all the in-between stuff, WIP's, extended thoughts, and general discussion around them. And who knows? Might even make some RMN-themed stuff while I'm at it. Here's hoping I'll learn things along the way! D: D: D:

Finished work will get posted up here, everything else down in the thread. Yeh. Feel free to chat, give input, etc! :)


Pixel Diary #001 - #050 (Will collapse list by #010)

#001: In the Photobooth

Reflection: Pixel Joint, DeviantArt

#002: "With all my Heart"

Reflection: Pixel Joint, DeviantArt
Notes: Based on this. Character © Unity, source art by M-3-1.


Pixel Dailies #001 - #050 (Will collapse list by #010)

Daily #001: Hisashi Eguchi Study

Notes: Based on this piece by Hisashi Eguchi.

[ACE] Any simple (er) way to play multiple BGM's at once?

Hi all, a project I'm working on involves a lot of audio bits. One idea I had was to have multiple layers/aspects of a BGM prompted in and out of play by the player. (This is BGM I made myself, so splitting them into pieces is no problem.) The issue is that Ace's in-engine audio functions offer a maximum of 2 looping channels to play with: BGM and BGS. It goes without saying that the layers involved in my stuff exceeds that number rather quickly.

Now, I am aware of this script: MCI Audio Player. I can't get it to work unfortunately, I just find it too confusing. An error that keeps occurring reads:
Script 'Game_Interpreter' line1411: NoMethodError occured. undefined method 'gsub' for nil:NilClass

Which I assume involves line 254 of the script:
@filepath = path.gsub(/\\/, '/')

I have no idea what any of this is, perhaps I'm implementing the script calls incorrectly. If anyone is willing to try this script out themselves and then walk me through the steps then that would be one possible solution to my issue. Support for the script only seems to be on boards I don't have accounts to or a demo for XP, which I don't have access to. (A reminder that I'm looking for a solution for ACE, be sure to set the line 207 of the script to "RPG_VERSION = 2")

However, that script is offering a large variety of functions when really all I may be looking for is one or two of them. If no one can figure the above method out then basically, if there is an alternate method to making Ace's built in audio functions available for multiple files simultaneously, I am all ears! :)

Much appreciated, `skai

BIZARRE movement problem, please help!

I was importing custom tilesets and suddenly the character was unable to move unless I press the Ctrl key... and even then it's as if the character's hovering over everything. Passability is fine in the editor (that means BOTH passage + passage 4 dir.) , and this problem is only now coming up days since my last edit to anything involving scripts or events. At this point in the project there are zero autorun events.

Full script list (listed in order of use):

DoctorTodd - Autosave
Yanfly Core
Fomar's Equip Script
Yami Module
Yami Overlay Mapping
Text Cache (Mithran)
Move Route Extras (Galv)
Animated Battlers (Galv)
Yanfly Battle Command
Yanfly Command Equip
Yanfly Event Chase
Galv Busts
Galv Visual Novel Choices
Galv Visibility
Melkino Window Opacity
XAIL - Core
XAIL - Class Items
Hime - Random Event Positions
DP3 - No Battle Timer (snippet)
Shaz - Extended Timers
Venka Crafting Script Set

I will be testing compatibility stuff myself as I wait, however, realize that all of these scripts were working perfectly fine together in this order for weeks until now. The list is mainly offered to those who may have extended knowledge on some of these scripts.

From what I can recall, the exact moment this problem occurred is when I imported a custom tileset to the "B" tab. Undoing any changes I did with that tab has not removed the problem.

The symptoms of this issue are some of the most bizarre I've ever seen. As I've mentioned all ability to walk is disabled unless I press Ctrl, you can even run when pressing Ctrl + Shift, I have absolutely no idea what in the program controls / effects this.

Please, whatever input you think you can offer will be appreciated. If it comes to it, I may just have to do a complete revamp but I'd really like to know what is going on.


Your MMO "chronology?"

I was over at a thread in MyAnimeList where a guy was asking for some recommendations of Anime MMORPG's, and out of nowhere I just spilled out like my whole life's experience with them since I played so many. It was late at night and the post wasn't the most thought through, but it did trigger some of these reminiscent feelings.

(Post from MyAnimeList, warning it's kinda long...)

(Nostalgia incoming, just scroll down if you just want the recommendations)
I've slowed down on MMO's but I remember being into Mabinogi (as previously mentioned) and Dream of Mirror Online (DoMO)

I think Mabinogi is the better of the two but I only played when the F2P was a lot more restrictive. There were a lot of neat little details with Mabinogi, from watching your character's weight (I remember a cutscene where you literally go to heaven from eating a food that was "too good") and the combat system I think was the one I really liked out of all the F2P MMO's I played back in the day. It had a "rock-paper-scissors" type of strategy going for it. Lots of immerse stuff like that, you can even play instruments and arrange the notes in-game. I'd also recommend it's "spiritual sequel" Vindictus (originally titled Mabinogi Heroes) but only for the gameplay, as it makes a departure from the more Anime-style cell-shaded graphics. I think the AFK / pay to win stuff's always been there but it never bothered me. There's a good enough amount of content to keep occupied even on your own.

Now DoMO I'm having some trouble remembering. I do remember it had a real vibrant visual style, and a pretty unique asia-influenced setting. I'm recalling some flying mechanics like from FlyFF, and for the most part pretty standard MMO stuff. But I think I really liked the classes in that game, I played as a "dancer" which was basically like a bard / support. It's been so long, in fact just looking it up now it came to my attention that it was actually discontinued. Haha... uh... Eh, memories. The guys usually hit on the girl characters that bought all the sexy outfits from the item shop. Memories.

I think some have mentioned Grand Chase, I found that one fun as well, I think that Elsword game is the sequel to it, never got around to playing it. :P Similarly I tried Dungeon Fighter Online, but couldn't personally get into it.

From there it was hard to find games that I appealed to me. Tried Aika, looked alright graphically but something about it just felt stale I guess. Rappelz I think I liked, but I got a similar uninterested vibe from it. Tried Lunia. Nope. I heard high praise for Ragnarok, so when RO2 was released as F2P I was interested... and then immediately disinterested.

I remember also playing Trickster Online like a billion years ago. Can't remember a thing, but the aesthetics definitely there! Neat vibrant sprites in an isometric style. I don't recall how combat and skills worked in that game, something about tokens? I dunno... Looks like they're still active, but I don't know what's changed since then.

And most recently I've tried this game called Asda 2. This game I think I really like, but will probably NOT reccomend its gameplay. I found the art-style and sort of laid back writing charming for some reason, and I like that costume system where you can stack aesthetic items on top of your armor. But lately I've heard the population's dropped so yeah...

But yeah... that's my history... Recommendations: Mabinogi: Yes. Trickster: Maybe? Asda 2: I really liked it but might not recommend.

Sorry for the long post, guess I just got too reminiscent. I used to love these games but have sort of lost all time and energy to play them... kinda miss them you know? If anything this should tell you just how well Mabinogi has aged against all the other stuff I've played throughout, lots of anime MMO's out there, but as you've seen many really tend to point to good ol' Mabi as the pinnacle.

But hey, if none of this info helps you, you can always check out Steparu for all sorts of reviews and previews of foreign MMO's.


And now look at me, about to install and try this other anime mmo called Aura Kingdom... sigh...

In any case, I was wondering if there was anyone willing to share their own "chronologies?" What games you played throughout, what impression they made on you, why you left? Were some you played discontinued? Have you been hacked before? Did you ever lose money on one? Was there one you left you wish you could revisit? Was there one you loved but can no longer seem to stomach? A lot of mmo's can feel the same, which one stood out to you immediately as you started playing? What are your views on subscriptions vs. item malls? Any friends that you made / lost through these online games? Etc.

Just keep in mind this is mainly for personal reflections and not really to debate what was the "best" mmo or anything. I'm wondering more about people's memories, good and bad. And no, this isn't limited to anime-mmo's, just whatever mmo you happened to play throughout.

Anyone know how to get an event to effect the menu without closing it?

Hi all, for a project I wanted to lock a skill until the player equips a certain type of "armor" (made in tandem with fomar's custom equip slots.) That's not the hard part, I already have a simple parallel process event that handles that function well enough:

@>Conditional Branch : [-] is [Fireball] Equipped
@> Change Skills: [-], + [Fireball]
: Else
@>Change Skills: [-], - [Fireball]
: Branch End

Nothing out of the ordinary, pretty simple to understand and it works. Though the only problem is that it only makes the "equipment" check after the player closes the menu entirely. Meaning the player will have to: Equip "Fireball" > Close the menu entirely > Open it again, go to skills to see "Fireball". Otherwise they won't see it initially. Again, it's not really something that's game-breaking, just something that I think would get confusing / taxing for the player to deal with.

Assistance would be appreciated! I would prefer if you can keep things within this method of simple eventing, but if the are other available options via script usage / editing I'm open to them! Thank you for your time!


Linking to YouTube "channels" from profile page

Just a curiosity, so here's my channel: link

As you'll notice in the url, it is listed under the "channel" directory and not a "user" directory. I'm pointing this out because for some reason links on the RMN profile page automatically throw the user directory in, turning my link incorrect. Take note, I think the channel directory came about when YouTube enabled you to create multiple channels under one user account.

So, was there a reason this behavior was put into place? Was their something weird going on with linking to YouTube pages before? In any case, the real question is whether there would be an easy way to alter this as the link above is the channel I dedicate to gamedev/RMN stuff. Would something bad happen if you took out the behavior? Would there be a way to have it recognize both "user" and "channel" directories?

Thank you for your time, assistance would be appreciated!


[ACE Scripting] How to un-shift sprites in game?

Hey guys, there's a certain little event coming up and I thought I'd participate in it. Because of how short the jam is, I thought it would be easier to make a sort of sidescrolling aesthetic. I'll be doing this through use of parallax mapping.

In any case, I noticed that by default, sprites are automatically shifted a few pixels up when in game, mainly so they can look a bit overlayed with your wall tiles. Does anyone know anything in the script that may be modified to remove this feature?

Skai's art dump

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