Good evening all. I don't know what to put here...
Scarlet Skies
The next best thing



Doing from the start! Version 0.1 RM(Remake). One year of FAILURE!

How do you remake a game that you yourself haven't finished making?
Anyways, good to see this project still going, great to have someone making me look good :3

Update #12: DEMO #2

The save feature still does not work when using inns and beds. Also, 2.1 seems to have created a new bug; whenever you use an item on a character, they level up, often multiple times, to the point where I got Dread up to level 99 just by giving him a dozen or so Health Herbs in the menu.

I just had to quit the game because entering the inn in Cloud Town placed me in the darkness outside of the walls with no way to get out, please fix that too and any other game-breaking bugs.
I updated the download, the Cloud Town Inn bug isn't there. I'm now going to fix my Rare Candy script glitch, cheers.

Update #12: DEMO #2

I know but then it asks if I want to save...are you saying just lay down, get up and go? I tried just walking away but when I checked to see if it was hadnt.
Stand next to the bed and press the action button.

Update #12: DEMO #2

Don't use the menu. Use the beds.

bullying Warning

I was actually going to run through the most recent demo and make improvements to the dialogue/text, but there are some bits with images that can't be so easily redone (like the newspaper for instance) and I confess (and this is in no way a dig at you jomar) that in some places I honestly had no idea what was going on so I couldn't rewrite the dialogue for it.

I might see what I can do on my own and let jomar know if there are bits I'm not sure about.
I tried doing that. I worked out what he was trying to say and wrote it, but some bits I couldn't even work out what he thought he was writing.

Update #12: DEMO #2

All the things are fixed, updated thingy is coming.

Update #12: DEMO #2

I played through what I could, and found that I couldn't head to the "east falls" to get my next party member.
Also, the Kue's awesome light effects still crash my game a lot.
Also, I can head to that southern exit and go through the guards using a map error.
Sorry to say this with your internet issues.
My internet is fine now since I'm back from Wales, do not worry.
And that's odd, I've played through it and I had none of those problems... I'll have a look at them bugs.

Update #12: DEMO #2

I have a question about this password thing. I'm a little curious about what the point of it is. Either the passwords will be freely available to everyone, in which case you might as well just have the maps switch-activated, or they will somehow be exclusive, in which case you're denying content to some users.

Maybe I'm missing something. This is a genuine question: is there a reason for password maps or is it just a gimmick?
An idea would be to make password required maps optional, and maybe once completing the game, you'd receive the passwords so you can go on back through, and open 'em up~ (Good for replay value! :D)

Basically, I want DLC in this game. Since there's no online capabilities with RM, I can't just make new maps and distribute them online, so I put extra content in the game that can only be unlocked by password.
Obviously when the full game is finished next year there'll be tons and tons of extra content which'll pretty much mean that even after completing the game there's still extra content to unlock.

Update #12: DEMO #2

To be fair my blogs could be MUCH better, so you're right there. But have you even played the demo? I mean, you're acting like I've just released Future Helper or something...
Pardon me for intervening, lol but why bring Future Helper into this? Jomar's gotten..well, sort of better over these past few months, though I believe Deckiller already put a stop to most of the ranting on it..

Sorry, but I'm gonna have to take AE's side on this one. Sure, there're a couple of blog posts which have actually been shorter than this, but I don't really think this needed to be an actual blog based on its length. :)
Fair enough.
I don't mean to sound horrible, but when people word things on a logical human level, I tend to listen instead of laugh XD

And I only brought Future Helper into it because, despite the game improving brilliantly, it's still reference in several places as a pretty awful game.

Update #12: DEMO #2

1.- Which makes things even worse. Your previous blogs could have been one single solid blog post instead of many crappy ones.
2.- So you are really going to blog again tomorrow for one measly password for the 7 people interested in you game, eh? Wow...

Laugh all you want, man, but I'm still right. Even Kentona has approached you on this issue and yet you keep doing it. Way to go! =|

To be fair my blogs could be MUCH better, so you're right there. But have you even played the demo? I mean, you're acting like I've just released Future Helper or something...
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