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Scarlet Skies
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General Discussion

Well, I'm about to submit a few videos; detailing my thoughts on this game.
But why not point out a few things here.

- Weather/day&night system can crash the game anytime I enter an outdoor area.

- The monster leveling system is annoying.

- The plot needs work.

- Characters don't learn skills, as they level.

- The classes at the start might not be balanced (I'm not wholly sure about this.)

-I might remove this, it was intended as a placeholder

-I'm planning on tweaking it slightly anyway, so don't worry

-It does, and I have a great story planned, but the demo covers a really tiny part of the game, and in this part the story only starts to seep in. It takes you up to Cloud Town which you travel to because you're chasing the antagonist you see

-That's weird... I'll look into that...

-They're not 100% yet, still working on it, but I got it to a stage where it was ok enough to be playable
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