Good evening all. I don't know what to put here...
Scarlet Skies
The next best thing




But it clearly says Wanted Outlaw Spotted! Huzzah!
Of all the text to point out on a Jomarcenter game.


That's not a system..just battles, Jomar. :x


Shouldn't the status of it be put on hiatus then, rather than cancelled? Lol, glad to see your mapping's improved~ (The powers of a years worth of practice~ ;3)
Practice and merciless trolling from three entire RM communites.




That's really nice! You should use these skills to start the old game over.


Doesn't look too bad. Try some light effects to give it a dark look.


It hurts my eyes. But yeah, good to see this project is still going. It's great that there's a game that makes me and all the bad developers look like Sailerus :3

Doing from the start! Version 0.1 RM(Remake). One year of FAILURE!

How do you remake a game that you yourself haven't finished making?
Anyways, good to see this project still going, great to have someone making me look good :3

Scarlet Skies Review

Yeah, I'm cutting down sizes etc.
I'm configuring scripts and stuff before I carry on making the core of the game.

Hopefully by the next demo (which I really don't think will be soon) after the save function is fixed, the game will actually be pretty good.

Scarlet Skies Review

NEW version.....and lets bug fixed?...........nope!
Feck, really? I've looked through everything, can't imagine what's happened...
Didn't you play test it? How could you say it was working now without even trying it out? No wonder your game is full of bugs.

I like how you responded to my answer before I answered XD.
I have play tested, I play test a lot, but you're right, I did forget to play test it when I thought I fixed the save glitch, but that's purely because I was under the impression I'd un-done whatever I did that caused the glitch. And it was 3 in the morning XD

But yeah, I'm looking at each of my scripts and events and looking for the source of the problem.