Good evening all. I don't know what to put here...
Scarlet Skies
The next best thing



CC.Update 2

The map isn't as bad as you might think it is, but it could use a lot of work.
All you need to do is maybe make the buildings look a little more elaborate, put some more houses, and put in more trees and different types of plants.

Update #4: New demo, what's changed?

Just to let y'all know, the download link is proper working.
Download the demo now!


Still in need of someone who can make battlers and charsets. This is the most urgent thing.


Cheers dude :D
Hope you enjoy playing the game as much as I enjoy making it.

Have Your Say #1: Beginning Classes

Yes I am. I'm currently switching things around that would make the game work a bit better, such as the way the beginning event works.

Have Your Say #1: Beginning Classes

B if you can manage it. Also, I noticed that you can head north to Palm Valley immediately after equipping your sword but before talking to Rhen and she will still appear in the cut-scene there. Another conditional switch requiring her to be in your party could fix it.

Interesting... I tried to make it so you could get the sword and meet Rhen in any order.
I'll work on that now.

And it seems that people so far want to be able to choose Dread's class.
So far it's looking like the feature is staying.

future helper mission submission

Due to the bad comments we've been receiving for this game, please refrain from posting any bad/spam comments. Jomarcenter has very nice pianos so please stop posting bad/spam comments or you'll get Jomaids! Thank you, and have a pleasant day. Orz~
Lol, really now.. B3~

It makes no sense.

2. Pianos? The HELL?
3. The fuck's a Jomaid?

future helper mission submission

Someone's supporting Jomar? WHY.

future helper mission submission

Jomarcenter you are not a company. You are but one terrible boy.

Urgent Request

What makes this urgent? Is the game being made for someone who is dying of cancer and has three months to live?

Nah, in all seriousness, since I've started releasing this game to the public, I need people for custom resources to replace all the RTP.