Good evening all. I don't know what to put here...
Scarlet Skies
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The Seven Towers Review

I can't wait for the network! It's only going to be a few years before a proper online scripts with all the features he wants...

Let's Play: Future Helper and the Seven Tower part 2

I pissed myself laughing at the girl with pink hair in the church XD

The Seven Towers

User: Jomar, my opinion is as follows:
Jomar: you are going have to been in credits!!! make every better in next version for me i add you name to beta tester for this game it next final fantasy

Version 0.1 to 0.2 changes.

I see no improved grammar there. Or maps.

The Seven Towers

Urgh, this is the last thing I'm doing for you Jomar.

jenifer/jade voteing

Of course, after the music prodigy Lil Wayne #sarcasm

The Seven Towers

Lol, if you're gonna make the menu as a pda type of thing at least make it different than the default menu. :p A few extra features never hurt anyone.
That's what I thought. The menu actually has no need to be disabled in chapter one.


He's Ralph. Jomar, create custom characters and faces for EVERYONE.

The Seven Towers Review

He recently said that version 0.2 is for the community to edit.
He's basically made some nasty shell of a "game" and is leaving everyone else to make it for him, relying on communities to change the grammar and script the features that he's decided are going to be there.

This review is so right, I agree with every word. I wasn't even generous in my review.

The Hallowed Tower

Ok, new link with the non-RTP compressed version. I can't get it any smaller than this (#innuendo)