Good evening all. I don't know what to put here...
Scarlet Skies
The next best thing


If you can draw in RTP style, hit me up

That's it really... I'm in urgent need of artists.

Urgent Request

Ok, I've done the first chapter of Scarlet Skies all by myself and it isn't exactly The Last Story, but it isn't bad either.
My main problem is, not enough systems for depth and strategy, and I only have the character generator at my disposal. Also, I don't have a lot of music.
So, here's my request.
I need the following people:
-Character and Battler artist (preferably for RTP style art)
-Music composer (So I don't have to use the same 5 tracks I have)

Of course I'm making the game itself, but all I need is these three people to join my team.
Obviously full credit will be given.
Anyone interested?

Just as a sidenote. I can draw what I want on paper, it's putting it in the game that's the problem.


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