Sweet Middleground 3 ~the lost keys~

Hi! I just finished playing the 3 Sweet Middleground games. Actually, just the first and this one, I gave up on the second after that chicken. I actually had a lot of complains from the first game, but I thought the other games would be improved. And it did, I was actually surprised to see animated busts. Never thought about usig it like that. It seems like a lot of work to do, and it is amazing. Also, the drawings improved a lot from the first to the second game. Said that, there is only a few things that kept bothering me during all of the games.

1. There are some lines that are not useful to the overall story and neither to the characters itself.

2. During the first game, I thought of it as a walking RPG because the player has to walk a long way to do simple stuff that wouldn't even affect the game. This happenned less during the 3rd game, thankfully, but still I think you should be carefull with that.

3. I liked the graphics and animation from the second game, but the third one was kind of weird. It isn't bad but it could use a lot of improvement. Some of the tiles and the sprites doesn't seem to fit together. It just seemed like two different graphics mixed. The characters sprites especifically seemed like it was made by a totally differennt person, it didnt fit the map at all.

Aside that, I enjoyed the games. I thought the mystery was kind of cheesy, but Antigone is cute and I liked the characters interations. I love the illumination of the maps in this game too. If you make a fourth game of this series I would totally play it!
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