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Fifteen years of RMN

soon it'll learn to drive...


I don't trust time mage, as a rule

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

My girlfriend and I just finished AI: Somnium Files! It's a sci-fi adventure game about analyzing people's dreams in order to solve murders.

The concept is really cool, but the execution is all over the place. The plot leans into some heavy sci-fi, but the character interactions bounce around from "serious drama" to "anime turned up to 11". Sometimes this is done for incredible effect, but it can be a touch grating at times.

The dreamscape sequences give you access to the mental secrets of various characters, and have incredibly wild designs ranging from psychedelic to horror to
minecraft parody

Solving the puzzles is a lot of guesswork, and many operate on totally random logic. But if you make the wrong choice, there's some unique gag or dialogue as you watch your AI partner fail spectacularly, so it never feels too bad.

Overall it was a fun and wild game, even if tonally it was a total mess. The characters are fun and dynamic, and the end still got me right in the heart. If nothing else, it's really clear that the developers had a LOT of fun making it.

Appreciation For Moms Who've Played Our Games

It's so sweet <3

My mom got REALLY good at Love Has Eight Legs... she's not someone who plays action games much but she would play it every morning and was suddenly getting all these high scores :D

Prayer of the Faithless is Released

Ahh yay! Congratulations on the release, Red :D You've been working hard on this for a long time, you should be really proud!! I've been excited to check out the full release ever since we were podcast buddies.

I hope you get to take a nice long nap after all this ~


Ooooh, these poses are really cool - I love the extremes of the silhouette! I could see some parts being a *touch* hard to read (mostly the legs overlapping) but they're fun!

mia alacruz fanart

Awww, this is really cute :D I like the skirt!

Where is Gam

the game is in your mind . . . only you can channel it and make it real


I really like the super-dithered background, and the muted color palette the background & characters... it all fits together to give a somewhat dour, unforgiving mood. The circle hit spark and the small screen shake is a nice touch, too!


This style looks really cool in black & white :D