Hello everybody, it's Jack! I am currently a senior in high school and hope to get an Audio Engineering internship throughout this coming school year. I play guitar and I talk a lot. I also play video games on the internet because... Well I thought it was a pretty good idea at the time!

Cutting to the chase:

I make videos let's playing Hacks of Mario Games!... Sometimes I do other nonsense.



Let's play The Last King of Hyrule (first episode)

You know it doesn't matter to me whether they're in my name or not actually. I just wanted to put episode one here myself to show im Playing this game.

The Last King of Hyrule

By the way, I submitted the first video of my new let's play of this game onto the media page. Though I am unsure how it gets put onto the main page for all to see. Unless only a forum moderator/administrator can do something like that.

The Last King of Hyrule

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