Progress Report, + Call to Testers

i havent really done this before but id like to give it a shot!


Is Kumo's father going to be an obtainable character? and if not, are we gonna see him more than once?

Just Keep Spinning and Anti-Gravity Gunblade

Are these battle animations?

Paint, my love, I'm sorry I left you~

That sucks that you lost the video, i guess it cant be helped, but whats with the 8 day countdown?


To be honest that sort of thing never happens. The biggest swear spiel is from Levi and that's after the zombies show up. He hates zombies and has a terrible temper~
Like I said, only when the situation really calls for it, and it's also about whether or not the character would actually swear ^^'

YEAH!!! Levi is awesome like that! And i think would also find myself cussing out zombies too. You can officially call me the #1 Levi fan!!


pretty interesting, so its like you are really online! (google)


Yeah, these pictures look kinda short, but still pretty damn cool!


Either sephiroth or the devil.

Cosplay Crisis videos...not by me.

really? cool! well than i guess i owe u a thanks, or i wouldn't have herd about this game.

Sorry Everyone

hey its cool!

and to strangeluv most people who werent born in this generation are just crappy with computers, were lucky we dont wake up to them cursing at them. (happened to me once.)
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