A Maned Lioness Review

Oh, my goodness! I felt your first review here was well-written, and I'm honored that you chose this game for that review. I'm overjoyed that the emotional scenes worked well, and that the pacing was well-handled too. I'm pleased that the post-battle scene between Alan and Raziya managed to convey what I hoped, even for being a bit over the top.

For the shortcomings, I understand Raz's personality not being cohesive in retrospect, given her interactions with Aisha, and her flip-flopping between being a cinnamon bun and a snark. And yeah, I have been told about the grammar issues here and there, heheh.

Overall, thank you kindly for the review. I'd love to create another adventure starring the crazy cat when I can. Reading this review made me smile like a dork the whole way through. Cheers~

Omg no problem, I'm actually honored you responded and liked the review!! :D
I'd love to see any future endeavors with Raz! Cheers to you too~
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