Developing and designing games, and everything that goes with: Storywriting, programming, designing grafics and other contents... it has always been a fascinating passion for me. <3 I'd love to work as an actual game designer.

I first came into touch with enterbrains RPG-Maker a few years ago. And since then I've stumbled upon many different engines and other "makers" but the RPG-Maker seemed to always pop up again. So I started my first "serious" project, entitled "Numina" with it.
Step through the 4th wall… into the world of NUMINA! An exciting adventure that fuses many classic RPG aspects, a character-driven story with player choices, a dynamic battle system, puzzles and towns




@Make_it_MagiK thank you! :)


Tried this last year I believe it was?
I really enjoyed it so I'm happy to see it can now be wishlisted on steam ^^
Any rough estimate on when it will be ready?

Thank you! Happy you enjoyed the demo :) I'm hoping to finish the release before the end of the year.


@Puddor Oh no, thanks for pointing that out. I'll definitely look into it


@Puddor Oh no, thanks for pointing that out. I'll definitely look into it

[RMMV] MV Finder

MVFinder is a utility for RPG Maker MV. It can search your entire game for the following:
- Items (receive/loose or sold in shop
- Weapons (receive/loose or sold in shop)
- Armors (receive/loose or sold in shop)
- Actors (joining/leaving the party
- Troops (Enemies)
- Calls to Common Events
- Variables
and display on which map and by which event they're called. One could say MVFinder is an advanced Event Searcher.

=> Get it now on

What's it good for?
This is useful if you want to find all instances of a healing potion in your game. Maybe you forgot where the party is supposed to find that important quest armor, or you want to check all maps where one enemy is actually appearing. The uses are plenty for a handy tool like this!

I wrote MVFinder for my own game Numina because I'm revising many items and it was very hard finding all the places in the game where they're actually used. So I put a lot of effort into this tool.

Only for Windows! Requires .NET Framework 4.8 This comes with some versions of Windows, otherwise get it here.

The Bonds That Tie Us Together

Is there a download link to this newest update? Or is this a future development?

It's in development :) Sorry for the very late reply, I didn't get a notification.


I can't see thumbnail, it says Unable to create thumbnail

Whops, thanks for letting me know!

Wow, that's really awesome and impressive! You ported the entire game over to MV, just like that? That's not exactly a small amount of content we're talking here. I really hope things keep going as well for you and this project! Keep us up to date, please!

Thanks! I've tried to automate most of the work, but it was still a lot of fixing and adjusting.

Numina - Chapter #2 Announcement

Yeah, I'll definitely change a lot of things up until the final stages of the chapter. So I'll try and start translating around that time when most things are settled.

And don't worry! I know you put a lot of effort into testing through the game and writing your very valuable feedback which I really appreciate :)


@Roninator2 Thanks for the feedback! :)


Hi! Love the game a lot so far! The Story has gotten me hooked I will say!

Though I am having a bit of an issue with a certain stealth puzzle that occurs after the encounter in the forest of lost memories. Do you have any tips on getting past that area? Cause i'm currently stuck with no way to go

Thanks! Glad you're enjoying the story :) You actually have to sneak to the well on the left side, while the upper guard isn't looking. From there take the lower route towards the right, but make sure the guard there is occupied with reading while you pass him. Hope this helps!