Developing and designing games, and everything that goes with: Storywriting, programming, designing grafics and other contents... it has always been a fascinating passion for me. <3 I'd love to work as an actual game designer.

I first came into touch with enterbrains RPG-Maker a few years ago. And since then I've stumbled upon many different engines and other "makers" but the RPG-Maker seemed to always pop up again. So I started my first "serious" project, entitled "Numina" with it.
Step through the 4th wall… into the world of NUMINA! An exciting adventure that fuses many classic RPG aspects, a character-driven story with player choices, a dynamic battle system, puzzles and towns


[RMMV] MV Finder

MVFinder is a utility for RPG Maker MV. It can search your entire game for the following:
- Items (receive/loose or sold in shop
- Weapons (receive/loose or sold in shop)
- Armors (receive/loose or sold in shop)
- Actors (joining/leaving the party
- Troops (Enemies)
- Calls to Common Events
- Variables
and display on which map and by which event they're called. One could say MVFinder is an advanced Event Searcher.

=> Get it now on

What's it good for?
This is useful if you want to find all instances of a healing potion in your game. Maybe you forgot where the party is supposed to find that important quest armor, or you want to check all maps where one enemy is actually appearing. The uses are plenty for a handy tool like this!

I wrote MVFinder for my own game Numina because I'm revising many items and it was very hard finding all the places in the game where they're actually used. So I put a lot of effort into this tool.

Only for Windows! Requires .NET Framework 4.8 This comes with some versions of Windows, otherwise get it here.

English Proofreader needed

Hello everyone,

I'm currently translating my game Numina from German into English. I'm not a native speaker, so I'd like someone to read over the translations.

There are 3432 lines to be checked. In exchange I can offer you my Scripting Experience for your own project or another form of compensation - I'm open for discussions :)

Looking for an artist (coloring)

Hi guys,

I'm desperately looking for someone who would colorize my faceset outlines. I've tried it by myself and I'm not very satisfied with the results ;)

The faces are for my RMXP project entitled Numina, I released a new trailer about a month ago => Numina New Year's Trailer. If you want more information on the project itself, feel free to ask!

I'm not sure about the style I want the faces to be colored in, so it would be very helpful, if you could provide me some examples, from works you've done. I've added an example here:


I kinda just stumbled upon this community and I immediately decided to join it ^^. I've joined a few german RPG-Maker communities and presented my current project entitled Numina there. And due to the positive feedback I'm planning on releasing it here too. Apart from that I've got to know some interesting, friendly and nice people and I'm looking forward to do the same here =)

I've been working with RPG-Maker XP for many years now and my current project is intendend to be the last one on this platform. It's still in an advanced "demo"-state. But I'm already looking for some native english speakers, who would proofread the dialogues - because all the dialogues are in German (my first language), and I've started to translate them ^^

So, I'm really looking forward to contributing to this site, seems like a really nice and active community =D
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