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I am the steppenwolf.
05/02/2020 04:07 AM
I'm streaming Calunio's "THERAPIST: Mind Manager" on Twitch in just under 2.5 hours - 5pm PDT / 8pm EDT. A fantastic sim game with strong story elements from one of my favourite developers.
05/01/2020 09:41 PM
Hiring a professional singer to sing the ending song for Trash Planet. Anyone got any recommendations for "heartwarming video game credits song" that's not the obvious ones (Your Reality, the one from Portal, etc)
04/28/2020 12:30 AM
I'm going live with Calunio's THERAPIST: Mind Manager now on!
04/27/2020 12:20 AM
My birthday is next week. I want to celebrate alone. Ideas on how, please.
04/26/2020 07:48 PM
*Takes a peek in "Latest Statuses" section some years later*
04/25/2020 11:14 PM
Sometimes I'm following a game and then I notice I actually forgot to subscribe.
04/24/2020 03:25 PM
In all honesty, I am really lost. Should I still make games?
04/24/2020 03:11 PM
Should I post a demo of TRASH PLANET before I release it? Or should I just unleash it upon the masses
04/22/2020 03:28 AM
For ingame use: name TV shows (movies, series) that would look recognizable in 30x15 pixel snippets.
04/20/2020 01:02 AM
I passed the Bar Exam in MO, looks like not working on my game for 4 months to study was worth it. haha
04/16/2020 02:49 AM
The fictional characters I love feel more real than I do.
04/13/2020 08:31 PM
mario is unreal
04/13/2020 08:22 PM
mario isnt real
04/12/2020 12:45 AM
Production on Trash Planet has accelerated big time over the last couple weeks (I WONDER WHY, looool). Wasn't sure when the game would be released but now I'm pretty firmly sure it will be sometime this year. Cheers!
04/10/2020 04:17 PM
04/07/2020 01:57 AM
Blood's gonna spurt
04/05/2020 05:34 PM
If he shoots ya
04/05/2020 07:17 AM
Coconut Gun Fires It's Spurts
04/05/2020 05:14 AM
Homo Sapien Of The Female Sex Who Is The Authoritative Female Figure To Her Young The Third
04/01/2020 04:50 AM