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NEW jomarcenter soon. WOOT.... BIG CHANCES too
08/18/2012 08:23 AM
Five hours of Lping?! With this comp, let's do this!
08/18/2012 08:20 AM
Trimming my Rikerbeard
08/18/2012 06:27 AM
New game coming from Gourd_Clae studios, "You're out of your Gourd!!!"
08/18/2012 03:19 AM
No matter how few stars your reviewers give you, at least you're not the poor soul stuck modeling the packages of space marines.
08/18/2012 12:37 AM
scrolling down to see new blogs being posted is really annoying.
08/17/2012 10:43 PM
Scripting livestream. .
08/17/2012 08:34 PM
We'll bang, Ok?
08/17/2012 01:58 PM
Has been spriting out a 8x225 tileset for the last two weeks, at this rate I'll be dead within the month =o=
08/17/2012 01:50 PM
My father has just suffered a stroke.
08/17/2012 12:21 PM
Is happy to be making Lakewood Story Episode 2
08/17/2012 11:34 AM
updates is cool when you can edit everything... 08/20/2012 - what is new?
08/17/2012 07:06 AM
In the mood for some awesome games...
08/17/2012 06:46 AM
Final day of summer job
08/17/2012 06:41 AM
And then this happened:
08/17/2012 06:32 AM
Floating on a cloud above Vanadux~
08/17/2012 06:24 AM
Looking aruns the interwebs, looking on Youtube(obviously part of the interwebs), and working on my game Super Mario Seasons. Yep, all in a days work :3
08/17/2012 05:27 AM
mood swings..
08/17/2012 04:28 AM
I have begun the adventure. And it is very Gourdy.
08/17/2012 03:24 AM
Roaming around rmn, seeing it all and enjoying it (this is more of a permanent status, waiting to do more, hopefully...)
08/17/2012 02:07 AM