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oh shit I forgot to come in 2019
11/13/2019 07:07 AM
oh shit i forgot about stats
11/12/2019 06:14 PM
"If they come for you in the night, they will come for me in the morning."
11/08/2019 11:15 PM
My one regret about 2019 Mafia is that I never got to use this:
11/08/2019 03:00 AM
Going live right now with a TRASH PLANET playthrough of everything I have done so far!
11/08/2019 02:58 AM
I'll be doing a stream of everything I have done of TRASH PLANET at 9 PM Central Time tonight! Check it out at:
11/07/2019 07:18 PM
Yo, does anyone know how to get one of those fancy backgrounds on your game's page? I'm assuming it's some sort of HTML thing.
11/06/2019 07:14 AM
Breath of Fire II is actually pretty good. Never appreciated the characters before (though some are clearly better than others)
11/06/2019 12:11 AM
you guys circumstances compel me to make a game about (a) whale wizard(s). i have no choice in the matter. does anyone want to help?
11/04/2019 10:55 AM
I slept in all day. It is now 6:00 in the evening I need to be at work in the morning and I feel fantastic.
11/03/2019 11:19 PM
I'm surprised that I'm surprised that there is so much borderline/actual porn clogging up's top sellers.
11/03/2019 10:21 PM
RPG Maker Cola Podcast Episode #002 with Red_Nova & Slash (Rook) coming this Thursday (12am Eastern Time)!
11/03/2019 08:14 PM
The first RPG Maker Cola podcast episode is dropping midnight EST. A spooooooky October 31st podcast, discussing horror gams with JosephSeraph & Frogge. Future episodes will drop weekly from there!
10/30/2019 09:01 PM
so if anyone who knows happens to see this status, what xactly happened to Yanfly? PM me if you'd be so kind.
10/30/2019 06:19 PM
Anyone know any good places to promote the game? Trash Planet is probably going to be done soonish (middle of next year?) and I need to get more eyeballs on the project.
10/29/2019 03:02 PM
I'd say Trash Planet is about.... 65% of the way done, actually
10/28/2019 03:48 PM
man as pretty as lighting fx can be when you finally dial them in right, FUCK setting up lighting fx
10/27/2019 10:18 PM
sometimes i feel proud of the games i've made
10/26/2019 08:11 PM
Always in RPG
10/25/2019 09:13 PM
Working on TRASH PLANET all night. Ask me a question here or on my twitter to keep me company
10/24/2019 04:10 AM