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Maybe it's time to write a book, finally.
07/17/2019 01:45 PM
There is a simple joy in watching your first prototype player character win a hard-fought battle test against a pair of savage RTP dogs. ^_^
07/11/2019 06:01 AM
Playing Rakuen. Wonderful game, but does anyone agree with me that the Winston / Gemma arc was just a little too over-the-top and schmaltzy?
07/10/2019 06:02 AM
I miss when I was passionate and devoted to game development
07/10/2019 03:02 AM
I have 666 notices, ya'll are evil
07/08/2019 11:04 AM
Stranger Things 3
07/04/2019 06:30 PM
Happy Canada Day, ya hosers!
07/01/2019 12:48 PM
Suggestions for Sega Saturn games?
06/30/2019 05:35 AM
If it's the first commandment, why does it start with "and"?
06/30/2019 12:05 AM
how do you make spells tame
06/29/2019 10:10 PM
A blackativity of negahead
06/29/2019 10:28 AM
A blackhead of negativity
06/24/2019 02:20 AM
A blackhole of negativity
06/21/2019 06:12 PM
Very tempting to start center aligning all my posts
06/18/2019 02:19 PM
Oh, jeez! They're shooting off fireworks in St. Louis, right now!
06/13/2019 02:47 AM
cope island but mario is there and doing mario things idk
06/12/2019 03:53 PM
Poké Island
06/12/2019 01:08 PM
Joke Island
06/11/2019 02:55 PM
SOULRAIN.EXE has performed an illegal action and will be shut down.
06/11/2019 12:38 PM
Elope Island
06/11/2019 02:31 AM