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Master of the Wind

This sounds like the same issue a former poster was having where the switch that toggles between the past/present in Volrath's castle never got turned off causing issues later in the game. If you send me your save file I'll fix it manually.

Master of the Wind

Sorry it took so long. Here is your save file with the fix:

The switch that toggled between the past/present in the Volrath's castle section of Arc V never got flipped off which was causing issues.

Master of the Wind

Hi hiotrcl. It's been awhile since I've looked at the project so I'm not sure what could be causing the issue. Could you provide your save file? I'll take a look at it in the editor and see if I can troubleshoot it. Thanks.

World Remade

What a shame. I can't say it's been entirely unexpected, but knowing how much work, time and money you guys invested in this project, I'm still sad to see it go.

It was still a fun project to work on at the time so I don't regret it. We didn't actually invest that much $$ at all. Mostly just for custom music.

It's not that the project was taking a toll on my health. It was that I couldn't produce work to my standard in my condition. Forcing myself to put out subaverage work isn't good for anyone. Things have been on an upward trajectory for me lately so maybe I can get back to gam making sooner than later. :)

World Remade

We just didn't have the means to maintain the level of quality we had established in the first part and the fact that people didn't really seem to be too into it didn't help. I hope the story will re-emerge in some form in the future, though that will look like is unclear to me.

This isn't really the reason work on the game was discontinued. For me it was a combination of my poor health and also not being happy with the direction the game was going in. There's actually a huge chunk of unreleased content, including an almost completely finished dungeon and new enemies and cutscenes. Maybe someday we'll package it together for people that are interested but it's challenging because there were a lot of unfinished scripts and I'd need to string together the content into something playable.

I haven't been too public about it but my bad health has been preventing me from taking on creative projects the last few years. Perhaps I'll share more about it someday. I think it's pretty safe to say that this incarnation of the game is dead though. Maybe it will return in a different form.

@Beldarius Thanks for being a supporter of ours all these years btw :)


I tried out the demo. I really like the atmosphere. Setting is very cliche but I'm willing to put that aside.

Unfortunately my demo experience ended at the first enemy. I wasn't able to save and there were no checkpoints and didn't feel like running through the starting area again. The combat seemed clumsy from the few seconds I engaged with it. It seems like there should be a way to go into a strafe state where you aim forward and are able to move left and right and back but can't run. This would make shooting enemies walking towards you a lot more manageable.

MotW: In-Depth Playthrough

That's a good observation about the golem-metal ball puzzle. I'm sure there was some technical reason I didn't allow it at the time. Back then, I was mostly coding stuff with events and everything was barely held together. Brute forcing with events! I don't think the skeleton stuff at the beginning of the dungeon works too well but I still am fond of the golem puzzles. I'm pretty sure that was influenced by a dungeon in Twilight Princess where you used a statue to solve puzzles.

MotW: In-Depth Playthrough

It's up to you. I still enjoy reading them and commenting on them. It's basically the only reason I check RMN periodically. I don't mind the irregular schedule.

MotW: In-Depth Playthrough

Being able to interrupt the ice block is speedrun strats.


Thanks it's been fixed.