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Equipment Vs. Leveling

Specifically, which method do you prefer to use in order to bolster the strength of your character('s)?

A few pro's and cons of both:

Equipment Pros
- Encourages exploration
- Easier to "fix" battles
- Less grind required

Equipment Cons
- Player has to rely on finding new equipment to get stronger
- Less grind required (for those who like to see their characters get stronger after battles)

Leveling Pros
- Lets the player get stronger when they choose/need to
- Gives more incentive to battle

Leveling Cons
- May cause over-leveling, making the game easier than developer intended
- Somewhat diminishes the value of equipment

That's just to get started. Discuss.

Battle Party Size

Okay, I'm about to run a crazy ideas by you guys. I have a total of 6 playable characters in my game, and I plan to make all them playable in battle. That's right, it's a party of six!

So, who likes the idea? And who thinks I'm an idiot? Please, post your opinions on this.

EDIT: This is what I'm talking about pretty much: instead of entering 4 commands for 4 people in battle, you enter 6 for 6 people.

Greetings from Mars

Hello there, I am stoodyhoo! Normally I hang around in RPG Revolution, but from what I'm seeing, this site is a bit more active. So I've decided to juggle between the two. Hoping I'll enjoy my stay here!
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