Amnesia 0.5 has been re uploaded

One last question...all my team is at lv 21. At what levels do more spells kick in and what are they.....please?

Skills stop at level 16 till I make some more.

Amnesia 0.5 has been re uploaded

Ok brother I understand
On the Shadows stats for hit 20% thats the critical? I wont bug you with more questions.
I am going to spend the next few dys leveling just to beat that big bugger!

Hey it is fine questions and feedback helps me make this a better game. :)

Hit rate is the Accuracy of the characters attacks.

Amnesia 0.5 has been re uploaded

Ok....any info on the giant to use against him? On your next demo would you consider being able to buy stat enhancements like guard or attack etc?

I got to keep some of the goodies hush hush :P. But he is weak to Poison at the moment.

Amnesia 0.5 has been re uploaded

Well me and sawworm are going to take a couple cjances at him, in anticipation of getting some good stuff and ready for your next demo, we will have a leg up! uhhhh any hints as to what he is susceptiple to?

A deal....I will tell you how I have enough to buy the Shadow Flame for some good info.......

LoL hey it is ok Im just glad you played long enough to buy Shadow Flame.

Shadow Flame has some good stats on it.
ATK +75
Def +20
Mat +80 I might change this stat.
MDF +50
AGI +15
LUC +10
MHP +500
MMP +100
ATK State fire force 120% More dmg with the sword since it has Fire Dmg.
Hit +20%
Gives your attacks an Extra strike.
Magic Reflection +10%
Also makes the user immune to Poison.

Amnesia 0.5 has been re uploaded

So he IS beatable at this point if we are extremely lucky and a few levels higher? And what would be the reward for beating bugger?

5000 xp
10,000 gold
He has a chance for some Legendary drops.
And you can fight him as many time's as you like to get the loot xp and gold.

But Hes not suppose to be easy so im still working on his difficulty.

Amnesia 0.5 has been re uploaded

I obtained a Shadow Flame from Denzel or whatever his name is and it didnt do much damage at all, but yes I also fought him and did about 12-13K before he hit me with party asswipe.

How did you make 500k already?? LoL and yall doing 12 to 13k wow I need to make him stronger then haha. Because he is suppose to be attempted at least around 30 to 35.

What level did you attempt to do him at?

Amnesia 0.5 has been re uploaded

I notice in the newest version all the way to the right is a big ass bad bugger with 25,000HP.....why is he in this version?
I notice also in quests doesnt show that I conquered the Lord.
You should warn people to save after beating the Lord before talking to Illarion at the inn because the game ends as soon as he finishes talking to you. Gee I guess I just did that didnt I?
Is there anything else to be done in this demo?

Sorry about that I forgot to add the Script call for completion.

I do not believe their is anything else atm.... And the Big boy monster is in their because I was working on him. :D

Amnesia 0.5 has been re uploaded

I suppose i can wait......not long though! I liked the game, even with the things I mentioned. You probably need someonne tro help you with the grammar and spelling.
There seem to be enough towns etc to visit. I am happy finally there is an INN....surviving only by renewing potions etc was frustrating. A good night sleep is essential you know!
If you dont release the new one soon, I am going to have Ezeron stand outside your door.
Oh and how long do you expect the next demo to last?

Well I am going to try to add 3 to 5 more bosses
A bunch of quests skills and a new Crew Member.
So working with alot of new dialog and new monsters and such is going to take some time. I promise to deliver though as quickly as possible.

Amnesia 0.5 has been re uploaded

Ok finally by just wearing the bastards down I beat the guardian and the lord. I can go into the inn now and talk Illion. He says when we wake up he has something to say....but the game then ends. Good thing I saved before going in.
Oh and what is the charm of power....doesnt seem anyone can wear it.
Yes even now when I step out of town and peek north....theres Ezeron waiting for , the little Stalker.
The Shadow of Flame is pretty cool but I was thinking it was stronger.
If this is the end of the demo....when is the next?????????????

Charm of Power I did not give it a Slot Category yet but I fixed that today.
Yes Shadow Flame is a Legendary weapon you will find in the game :). So how did you like the game so far. I plan on Releasing version 1.0 it is going to be a big update so it is going to take me some time to finish. But I hope you enjoyed what I had so far and hope you enjoy the Characters thus far :)

Amnesia 0.5 has been re uploaded

Well I tested the Key-guardian He seems pretty easy enough. He has a high Magic Evasion rate and a some Magic Reflection since hes a Caster. I Actually made him a bit harder in the next upcoming update because The warrior was hitting him for like 1000 to 1500 dmg He only has 5k life so that is not acceptable ;P...
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