I'm really not sure why I had this downloaded, but I was cleaning out my download folder and played this for a few minutes to see what it is.

Having that first screen not be the title screen is weird. Nobody does that. If you want to credit someone you can put it in the usual spot. Here on the game page, some small words on the title screen itself, in a readme file, or even the end credits.

The scrolling text at the start is moving too fast and has too much information. I read a few paragraphs, noticed that I wouldn't be able to keep up, and skipped it all. Dumping a wall of text right at the start is big no-no.

Your dialogue needs a lot of work. You seem to be cramming too much in a single window. Sometimes you should separate new sentences into new text windows, instead of writing until the message box is full and continuing on the next one. You are missing punctuation and some of your sentences run on too long. Using show choice is best used when there are multiple choices. I don't see the point in having to choose a response when there's only 1 thing to say. Just have the character say that thing and end it.

Battle is basic and boring. Balance is pretty bad. My first fight against the weakest enemy left me with like 20% HP left. That's bad. The point of the first battles are to get used to things, they shouldn't be anywhere close to deadly encounters. Getting game over on the first battle would be bad.

Usually you make a touch encounter event disappear after you beat it. Aftering beating the first rat, he was still on screen.

I saw a town, well it looked like a town, but I couldn't go in. It was 4 wooden house looking tiles. I talked to some guy who joined me and that made me level up? Weird. Then I tried to fight a zombie battle. Second guy died in one hit, right away, and I couldn't even deal dmg before I died.

Oh, and pressing right arrow seems to waste a turn. That is the worst thing I've ever seen in a game.

I would not be retrying.

So overall, this is a typical mess of a game that people usually make first time around. Which is understandable. Game design take a lot of time to get good at. Everyones first game is messy.

I recommend that you abandon the idea of making a 1000 level game with all those big idea and focus on making a small game right first. You won't finish this, trust me, and nobody will want to play the whole thing so you might end up feeling that you wasted all that time.

It's more likely that a year into it, after you have possibly learned better design practices, that you don't like the first part of the game and you want to redesign it. This will happen over and over again throughout the years and you end up with a project that needs to be scraped because it's too much of a mess and it's full of bugs that you can't resolve.

Save yourself the headache and start small. When you learn from that, make a slightly bigger game. Take it one step at a time. Read articles about things like character design, level design, battle design. Your mapping is quite good, so you obviously have a good sense to start out with. More than most. But everything else is very weak and I would have to say this is a bad game. 0.5/5 based on my high standards.

So keep at it. Working on a game is a good way to get used to the engine. But if you want to get better faster with less time and effort, start reading some of the great articles here on RMN.

Instead of making a mistake, hoping someone plays your game and decides to take the time to point out your mistakes, you can learn what not to do beforehand.

Well I will say yes it was a mess lol at the time I really had grand ideas of course anyone does and thank you for the tips. I am not very good with grammar as you could see :P... I actually had a change of heart with this game honestly.... I may pick it back up someday but atm I am going to work on a project with my brother 2 heads are better then one :D.


Ok I am out of energy. But heres the $64,000 question....when will the next demo arrive and can we use save files....of course you can,Grasshopper.

Well Soon as I can fix a few more thing and add on a few more things the demo should be out soon.....Meaning today or even tonight. To fix your energy problem go to skills switch actor then try using a MP potion on the Actor/character try this for now till the new version is out.

And Im sure you can use old saves in new versions unless I have to do something to make that work.


We keep this up we are going to have to get a room!
Doesnt Ezeron seem very vulnerable to getting hit hard? I spend most of my HP potions just keeping him alive. Was that $500,000 weapon there just for laughs? Because I sure do everytime I see it. Is that one of the rare blue gear you mentioned? Is there going to be any weapon/armor upgrades available this demo?
If I ho ho ha ha DO beat the hooded figure, does that open up the INN finally or do I have to go to the next town over like the guy told me to do after beating the hooded guy?

lol!!....Yes I lowered Exeron's Target rate so he shouldn't be targeted as much and uped The Strangers target rate since hes more like a tank. That 500k weapon was not only for shits and giggles :P but just wanted to show it off I guess lol it is one of the Legendary Items you will find in Amnesia. I will be working on weapon/Armor upgrades at a later date. And about the Inn Since I have not completed it yet there is no point in using it just yet but it will be open in the next ver that will continue your quests further into the world!! :). And the hooded guy is just the tip of the Iceburg you got more to do inside the Manor.


Yoo hoo.......
Ok after finally buying enough stuff to stay in town and kill all the zombies and after saving,I go to fight the hooded figure and he slays me....what lv will he be beatable? So I reboot and instead of fighting bad boy, go buy some more stuff and when I retuen all the zombies were alive again....I guess I didnt hit them all in the head, right? Does the game recognise they were beaten even though they have reappeared or do I need to do this all over again?
Also I mentioned Ezeron reappearing all the time...each time you are foolish enough to talk to him again and he joins you...he starts all over at lv 3 or 4 and I didnt realize it until a few battles and saves later.

I am sorry about the Re-spawning Zombies I have fixed that issue in the for the next version. Also the Hooded Figure should be beatable at level 8 to level 11. Also you will be happy to hear I fixed the Mana potion problem as well. Yeah dont talk to Ezeron any more :P :P :P Next ver he will stay gone. I suggest farming some mobs outside of The town to get to level 11 you should of already been their but let me know how it goes.


Fixed Ezeron will not Re-appear in the next update! :) Also I will be adding Antidote as well. Ezeron's Cure Poison skill is at level 8 sorry that I forgot to add Antidotes It will be done in next version. Also the town will be opened up completely in the next ver as well.


I will try seems he cant use MP potions about 75% of the time. Also is there no antidote. My hero is poisoned and I havent gotten any drops from spiders or wasps and that merchant doesnt sell any.
Also Ezeron is always north of the town even though I have him with me and he keeps saying the same thing.
sorry I keep adding things here. Would you rather me make a list and/or PM you?

Hmm Ezeron has Cure Poison. And its fine if you post it here :). Hmm I thought I put a Erase event on Ezeron hmmmmm....


Ok now thaat I am able to enter the town, I enter the inn...just because I can....and the game crashes.
Also all of a sudden elezeron or whatever the new guys name is...he cant use MP potions.

Hmm ill look into the crash and the inn is not finished yet so ill be sure to fix that in the next update.

Also that potion problem for mana potions I have no idea why it is doing that but I will look into that as well. I know of a temp fix for that you can do in game is by going to skill select the opposite char then go back to items and you should be able to use the mana potion on Ezeron.


Other than buying items to heal etc, there is no place to heal? I havent gotten to lv 6 yet so the zombies are still out of my there a place to heal in that village? None of the other cities,towers,etc are enterable (is that even a word?).

Sorry Roy I have not made any rest stops yet. But if you grind off of the rats then fight some of the wasp sprites. Then you should be alright have you gotten a crew member yet?

I also made it easy to make gold as well just so you can buy enough pots....

And about the other towns and towers and stuff that is my fault I should of limited the map since I dont have everything done yet facepalm :P


I have a few questions... about that future features list.

-What's the point in having 1000 levels? Why 1000 instead of, say 100?
-Since there are going to be 1000's of items, will there be a way to search for items, or sort them by type or name? Or are we going to be stuck scrolling down for minutes to get that item at the bottom of the list or spend hours searching a 1000-sized list for the item that we might need at that moment.
-How will you write 1000's of quests and side-quests while keeping them interesting and unique?

It is a project that is going to take a long time to finish. And having 1000 levels sounds interesting to me so im going with it. I might change it later who knows we shall see. All I can say to you is im going to do my best to make it fun as possible. And im looking into ways to make it easy to look through items quickly and effectively.

I am working on this project by my self with minimal help so please be patient with me. I am not building a commercial game. To be honest I personally love long games with lots of levels and quests and items and lots of monsters to fight.

So this game will be huge and will last as long as you want to play it basically. This is something im making as a hobby and fun to do :). And I hope you enjoy the game.

Also about the 1000 levels It is not going to become a major 10000 hour grind to get to max level I promise you that.


So has anyone gotten to the last boss yet? Also I finished Compressing my files to make it smaller I knocked off at least 100 or so megs. 0.2 should finish uploading soon.
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