RPG OST Mashup

Music is arguably the hardest resource to come by in our indie game making endeavor (original music that is), probably more so than custom graphics. For those of us who aren't gifted with mad composing abilities, the time to compose, or a team member to do so, we are forced to salvage the internet/movies/shows/other games etc. for tracks suitable for our games' purpose.

Have you ever listened to a track in a movie or something and just thought to yourself, "hey, this track could be used in something-village in my game, or this could be a boss music."

Post the original sources of your music in your games and specify where it is used, i.e battle theme.
Also, you can post music that you haven't put in a game but always thought that it suits an RPG/game if it is inserted into it.

Here's a good "beginning village the hero lives in that is secluded from the darkness of the world" track

Here's a good "Fight with the dark lord"

I use this for Nora Town, a harbor town in my game that connects the "land" to "an ethereal lake".

If a track's source is from another game, that's fine too, but what's the fun in that.
EDIT: damn spoiler tags

Real people playing your games.

So one of my friends texted me and he's like, "Dude, best thing ever - I just saw a guy playing your game" I quickly responded back with a "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck" And then he decides to be an idiot and talk to the guy about the game, but failed to mention that he actually knew the creator.

Has anyone else run across a stranger that's actually played your game? It seems extremely absurd, in terms of the possibility of it. And if you happen to run across one, what would you do?

Amusement Park Tiles/tileset for VX

Has anyone come across any amusement park tilesets or something that resembles an amusement park? Or even just a few amusement park items/sprites that I can throw into a map and make it look like an amusement park?

Preferably VX resolution.

Thank you for your trouble.

The Smeargle Game

Smeargle is a unique pokemon that can learn any move in the pokemon universe, save chatter and maybe one other move I'm forgetting.

This leads to hilarious consequences, as you can make themed smeargles.

Here are some of my creations.

Date Rape Smeargle
Sleep Powder
Horn Drill


Nasty Plot
Sleep Powder

Stalker Smeargle
Lock On
Shadow Sneak

Gollum Smeargle
Doom Desire
Destiny Bond

Drill Sargent Smeargle
Hyper Voice
Scary Face
Beat Up
Attack Order

What was the last film you watched?

The airbender sucked topic stimulated my love for films to make this topic.

I recently saw The Fountain and Analyze This (I'm not that big in current movies...)
The Fountain was pretty good. It got me interested more in Aronofsky's works. I've already seen Requiem for a Dream. I plan on seeing Pi next, I heard there's go in it :D
Analyze This was absolutely hilarious, probably now one of my favorite comedies. I especially like Mafia related stories and this one parodies it perfectly. Robert DeNiro and Billy Crystal were golden in them.

Upon imdbing Inception, I'll probably also put that into my queue, since I enjoyed Nolan's Memento.

Mysterious Aura

Does anyone know where I can get the "Sealed by an mysterious power" chime/musical effect that plays whenever you try to open the black boxes in Chrono Trigger?

Part of the trouble is I really don't know what to search for...

**Important INFO inside**

I had a question pertaining to the maker points on this website.
I realized that I have not yet introduced myself here, and saw it as a good opportunity to ask the question.

How are maker points calculated, better yet, what do they mean? I have a vague idea, but I want to be sure.

Oh, and the intro.

I've been making RPGs with RPG makers since XP, but my first serious project is my Hayate no Gotoku! RPG I submitted for this website. If you're into the series or have heard of it, definitely play it, you'll enjoy it very much. If you haven't heard of the series, play it anyway, it will be a humorous and exciting experience.
Not biased at all... xD
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