For now I'll just put I love anime and video games. I feel like going into details right now.



RMN Battledome! Voting!

Hm... I wanna vote the rainbow bot for being all rainbowy and vote against jude out of spite. But no I'll be a nice guy and actually think about who would win.... later. I don't feel like thinking about it atm.

RMN Battledome! Voting!

My vote goes to the owl guy.

RMN Battledome! Voting!

Looks like I'm not too late to vote.

Anyways my vote goes to Link.

RMN Battledome! Voting!

Do defeated characters count? Like how they salvaged their robots and cope with defeat and try to regroup for a future tournament? Or only still running competitors?

I'd like to know this to. I have an idea that I think will be awesome.

RMN Battledome! Voting!

Alright, you have a deal... Be warned, I am the devil.
Kentona moves on.

I knew this was rigged. You all was afraid of me so that's why you took me out early. (that's the in-universe superBlast talking.)

RMN Battledome! Voting!

My vote is for Wolfbot

I don't feel like explaining my reason for choosing this time. Just feel that Killer's bot is the better one this time (just slightly).

RMN Battledome! Voting!

I see Gourd's bot purposely running away and only attacking when necessary in order to draw out the fight rather then try to take Kentona's bot head on. Because if did try to take on Kentona's bot head on then it'd lose.

This is another tough one for me. Since Kentona's bot has the ability to catch up to Gourd's bot and each hit can do a decent of damage. But Killer brought up the idea crab claws could steal one of Kentona's bot's limbs. I could easily imagine Gourd's bot rolling in an unexpected attack and stealing a leg thus significantly slowing down Kentona's bot. With that all Gourd's bot would have to do is stay away from kentona's bot till it runs out of energy.

My vote goes to Gourd's Bot.

RMN Battledome! Voting!

I guess I'll vote for Irili

RMN Battledome! Voting!

I'm an orange belt in Taekwondo myself... about 5 years ago. I don't remember much from back then so... yeah.

Anyways I'm leaning toward the Andy due to the higher agility that he has and everything else, except for the lizard guy's energy, is about even. But the lizard guy has more ranged weapons and he can last alot longer due to his high energy. So if lizard guy can stay away from Andy's bot then the lizard guy can win.

This is a tough one for me to decide....

RMN Battledome! Voting!

I vote for Rainbow bunny since it looks all rainbowy and stuff.

I pay more attention to stats and wepons in the first place to gauge my votes so... yeah...

Also due to superBlast's loss he went a rampage yelling, "**** you!", "This is total bull****!", and "This whole ****ing thing to rigged!" So he got sent to galactic jail for multiple attepted murder, and severe vandalism, and other stuff.
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