i'm leaving

as you have probably noticed i've not been so active now, tuhat is because im leaving and that is because im, not going to use rpg maker anymore but no i am going to create programs so that you can create game with the programs that i have creaed in visual basic. byebye

how do you do so that the player can choose yes or no

how do you do so that the player can choose yes or no

request 6

i need a script so that it comes another picture when the player dies

request 5

i need a script so that the game is mmorpg and you have many skills in the bottom of the screen and you can use them on other players.

request 4

i need a script so that you can see the player from many angels and so that if you move the mouse then you see the player from another angel like world of warcraft.

request 3

someone must make a script so that the player can fight with guns and many more weapons and so that he can win or loose if he got many points he win and if he got few point he loose.

request 2

i need a scriopt that does thatr you can hunt on animals and monsters


i need a script that does that you can fish

the end of the world

the end of the world is a game that i am making and it is very exciting. it is like realy realy big and ytou can do everything you can fish and hunt and mine and fight and also you can build houses and take money for that other players live in the houses cause it's an mmorpg and you can fight monsters and there are many servers. if you die then you loose points but i don't know what the points will be called in the finished game but anyway when you got -10 points you have died 10 times and so on. i have now pictures of the game sinse i dont know how to create pictures of a game or other things that are in the computer and such things but i have very many levels and very many things you can do. i also plan to make the game so that the player can look everywhere and up and down and so that you can see him from other angels but just maybe cause i think that is hard but im going to try
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