Seraphic Blue (English)

Haha nice summary of the ending. On a side note, this game definitely leaves a huge impression and afterthought on anyone who sticks through the entire game. Glad to see another player having enjoyed the game! :)
Haha nice summary of the ending. On a side note, this game definitely leaves a huge impression and afterthought on anyone who sticks through the entire game. Glad to see another player having enjoyed the game! :)

Yeah, it was an amazing game. 50+ hours of storyline, amazing battle system, the glossary and detailed episode summary with cool German titles... Some plot holes were there (Lake's death, for eg. That bastard Syria's father, after dying to our party after being turned to a Gaia Cancer, somehow comes back to life, TELEPORTS TO OUR SHIP, and Lake is forced to sacrifice himself to defeat him. The whole thing was contrived to kill Lake. Lake could have died in his singlehanded assault on the Skyscraper and it would have made more sense), some unneeded trivia (The entire Gaia theory and Soul anatomy) and monologues which made no sense (the entire finale of the game. Don't deny it, the Kursk family's monologues made no sense). Still, the game was freaking awesome. My personal fave scene was Lake leaving the party, growing dark wings and assaulting the Skyscraper. The game had a finesse that is almost impossible to find even in commercial games. Seriously, I don't think I'll get to play a better game than this.

BTW, I heard that Seraphic Blue Alter expands on the ending. Any tidbits you can tell me? Do Virginie and Lansard get together?

Seraphic Blue (English)

Just finished the game and watched the epilogue.Vene's battle with Er was totally epic. I had to keep spamming Vene's 'All Auto revive' skill the entire battle.

After the final battle...
Well, the ending where we found out just how much traumatized Vene was and the fact that she was planning on killing herself after the final battle... Well, that was shocking to say the least.

Thankfully, Lake and Evan came back to encourage her. When even that wasn't enough, Fritz came to confess his love to her. After that, the world was restored and we skip to 2 years after.

Minerva ascended and became the Queen. Gerald Alencon is now her right hand man and army commander.

Donald and Margot killed themselves. Now, all the great scientists who created a floating continent, created a new race and called down the Gaea Cancers are finally dead. Sorry, but until the end, I could only think of these guys as villains.

Yangtze and Doris are returning to the Magic Academy. Doris now relies on Yangtze and completely forgot about Vene. Cold.

Virginie and Lansard are travelling together. From their brief monologue, Virginie is ready to further their relationship but Lansard is being a pussy... At least that's what it looks like. Be a man, go for it, Lansard!

Foxie has decided to stop being a prostitute and decided to become a dance instructor. Minerva is helping her create a dance school in the Chaos slum. After once again meeting the security officer from her childhood, Foxie is also ready to embark on a new path.

And now for our main character...
All party members and Fritz are gathered around a grave. Well fuck, looks like Vene finally killed herself.
Fortunately, it isn't like that! It's just Lake and Evan's grave! Just we finally ready ourselves for a happy ending...
Wait what!? Vene found out that she had only a year to live! And Vene tried to kill herself THRICE in that year! Tempura, you really hate Vene don't you?

Well, the ending was underwhelming. Gene and Fritz are depressed and are likely to attempt suicide again. And Minerva is sick of interfering, so it looks like she is going to let them kill themselves this time. Even though Minerva says that she sees a ray of light in the darkness, Vene tried killing herself thrice. From what we saw until now, her depression isn't magically going to disappear.

Well, despite the ending, the game was 50 hours of awesomeness! Eplipswich, thanks for the translation!

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Why did Ivy become an emo after your death?

Ask Mint

What was Gram's level when he died?

A Very Long Rope to the Top of the Sky

Hello, just noticed your update. Can I transfer the save file from the previous version? My party was Rutger, Gainer, Ivy and Oliver. The mission was finding Ivy.

Blog 30: Patch 1.5 & History of Seraphic Blue

Has Tempura made any other games lately? Just asking, BTW.

Seraphic Blue (English)

Actually, I noticed Seraphic Blue has a Japanese wikipedia page: If anyone has the time, please translate it to English.


Hello, anyone? In the village of Ark'tafar( strange language Nobunagian village)there is a quest for searching the little girl's brother. Where to find him?
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