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Zombie Outbreak
Survival game...




At a glimpse I seriously thought that said Horny Badgey for a second.


author=Killer Wolf
Not sure how much, if any, this will contribute but --

I've done some testing with high rate of fire weapons in one of my abs demos. In series of 1000 shots, I noticed a discrepancy between the accuracy of lower and higher rates of fire - likely due to the tiny amount of lag incurred by running the collision detection routine. Interestingly, the accuracy also fell off at greater ranges.

My in-game rate of fire for an M4 offered 98% accuracy at close range, but fell off to 89-92% at a screen's distance from the target.

The in-game rate of fire for paired Ingram Mac-10's peaked at 96% at point blank range, all the way down to 68% at a screen's distance from the target.

Restraining fire to short bursts improved accuracy scores across the board, except for pistols which were routinely able to achieve 100% accuracy against stationary targets.

In my tests, collision detection for moving targets can shave up to 17% off of the accuracy score.

It is an interesting coincidence that the process time of the collision detection event partially replicates the effects muzzle climb/recoil have on firearm accuracy, and that the disparity between perceived and actual target positions (due to the way events sort of slide between grid points during walking animations) actually make moving targets harder to hit.
Thanks for this useful tidbit of info, forgot to thank you for that.

Zombie Outbreak

Alright! I'll get to work as soon as my All Hallows' Event entry is finished :)
Appreciate the help comrade!! I'll admit I've been putting this off for a while because I was learning how to program but I promised myself I would not abandon the game.

I am in the process of cleaning up the code so it is more manageable.

Zombie Outbreak

Me wants news.

EDIT: Also, if you need help with anything, coding or graphics, I'd be glad to offer assistance. I see so much potential awesomeness in this project.
That would be great I got a bunch of items here that need drawing, while I'm figuring out the programming logic of the game and it's systems. Here is the list for anyone that wants to contribute and here is a sample item pic.

Item List

Sample Item Pic

Item pics need to be 50 width by 17 height, with that grey colour as the background.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

@Kazesui: You are like a fugging RPG Maker pioneer!!


Subscribed! Always a pleasure to see what WolfCoder comes up with! :)

Experienced Programmer Needed

I did this because I have a whole slew of problems and I believe working one on one would be the most efficient way to solve them.
You would get a lot more exposure and response if you actually posted the problems. As a programmer who frequents on forums and such it makes sense because then everyone can contribute to the problem and it helps to promote solving the problem rather than keeping it to yourself.

Revolutionizing Menu-Based Battle Systems

I must say "Hero of Allacrost" looks amazing and the fact that you did it from scratch in C++ gets you major props from me.

I also agree that game design is limited by our imagination. I think you got some good points there about quick battle command selection as it would give the player something to do while waiting for their turn. I think the most hardest one to implement would be your idea #4, having multiple characters attack at once, it would be really fun if you ever did pull it off well and would be a very attractive feature in your game.


Pretty bad ass title screen you got here


Here's a suggestion for your later development in the game:
Maybe focus a bit on accuracy rather than power to make the game more realistic. Damage will be almost constant on all guns, damage will vary on a specific type of gun and a gun in one category will have a unique trait that separates the gun from their peers.

Say for example, all guns will kill a zombie or hostile with the same amount of bullets, shotguns will normally kill in one-three hits, a Remington 870 will have a short linear hit range, a very accurate one-hit-kill but has slow rate-of-fire.

Guns will be hard to find but they're very rewarding and can give you a lot of options.

Also, I subscribed and I'm looking forward to this game.
I already got some ideas in place for certain guns to have benefits according to their range and combat use. Thanks for the suggestion. E.g. You can spam pistols, they have weak power and a medium magazine capacity (15). SMGs fire the fastest of all gun types, assault rifles have medium power, accuracy and fire rate.

Also I'm gonna force the player to think as there is only 12 slots so the player has to choose what items to carry with them.