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Zombie Outbreak
Survival game...


University Graduation

Tomorrow my university's going to have a graduation and I've decided not to go as I messed up and forgot to hire a gown so I wouldn't be allowed to take part in the ceremony anyway.

I just wanted to take photos and then leave I wasn't planning to take part in the ceremony. It's kind of a big bummer but I've started thinking, is graduation that big of a deal? Here in the UK you don't graduate from school or college, just university and I'm just wondering why it's something people make a fuss about.

What are your thoughts on this guys? Did you go graduation, if so how was it. If not why not?

Java GO Game

I've got a working version of my game now and I would like people to test and give me feedback on here.

List of working features:
- Saving and loading game
- Passing turns
- Move list, shows a list of moves made in the game
- Simple weak AI, I plan to improve it.

I'm also open to suggestions and keep in mind there are a few things I have not yet completed:
- Capturing groups of stones
- Move Numbers for stones
- Other strategies

It is programmed in Java so you will need java installed to play it.

Download Link:

Java Binary Tree & Node Data Structure

This is my first time ever implementing any binary tree or node data structure and I'm unsure whether I'm doing it correctly or not. Could someone who is experienced with binary trees and nodes tell me if anything is wrong with my classes? I want be able to use these draw the tree visually in real time.

Also I'm having trouble implementing the attach(t1, t2) method for attaching a subtree to the tree.

import javax.swing.JOptionPane;

public class Tree{
Node root = null;
Node leftNode = null;
Node rightNode = null;

// Returns the root node
public Node getRoot(){
return root;

// Sets the root node, if the tree is empty.
// Otherwise adds node to the tree
public Node addRoot(String element, Node a){
if(root == null){
Node r = new Node(element, a);
root = r;
} else {
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, this, "Error, root node is already present", 0);
return getRoot();

// Checks if there is a left node, if there isn't makes Node b the new left node with element
// as the value of the Node b. If there is a left node return an error
public Node insertLeft(Node b, String element){
// If there is no left node, make Node b the left node
if(b == null){
leftNode = new Node(element, b);
// If there is already a left node, return an error
} else {
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, this, "Error, left node is already present", 0);
return leftNode;

// Checks if there is a right node, if there isn't makes Node c the new right node with element
// as the value of the Node c. If there is a right node return an error
public Node insertRight(Node c, String element){
// If there is no right node, make Node c the right node
if(c == null){
rightNode = new Node(element, c);
// If there is already a right node, return an error
} else {
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, this, "Error, right node is already present", 0);
return rightNode;

// Removes Node d from the tree, if Node d has any children in the left
// or right branch of the subtree, replace the child node with Node d and
// return Node d
// Return an error if Node d has two child nodes.
public void removeNode(Node d){
d = null;
} else if(d.getRight()!=null){
d = d.getRight();
} else if(d.getLeft()!=null){
d = d.getLeft();
} else if(d.getRight()!=null&&d.getLeft()!=null){
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, this, "Error, cannot remove a node that has two child nodes", 0);

// Attaches subtree
public void attach(){


public class Node {
String element;
Node nextNode;
Node head, tail;
int size;

// Creates a node with the given element and next node
public Node(String s, Node n){
element = s;
nextNode = n;

// Returns the right node
public Node getRight(){
return rightNode;

// Returns the left node
public Node getLeft(){
return leftNode;

// Returns the element of the node
public String getElement(){
return element;

// Returns the next node of this node
public Node getNext(){
return nextNode;

// Sets the element of this node
public void setElement(String newElement){
element = newElement;

// Sets the next node of this node
public void setNext(Node newNext){
nextNode = newNext;

// Adds the node to the last node of the list
public void addFirst(Node first){
first.setNext(head); // Points to the previous head node
head = first; // Make the head node point to the new node
size = size + 1; // Increment the node count

// Adds the node to the last node of the list
public void addLast(Node last){
last.setNext(null); // Make the new node "last" point to null
tail.setNext(last); // Make the old tail node point to the new tail node
tail = last; // Make tail node point to new node
size = size + 1; // Increment the node count

// Removes the first node in the list. Before removing it points to the
// new head node then removes the old head node.
public void removeFirst(Node v){
if(head == null){
System.out.println("Error, cannot remove. The list is empty");
v = head;
head = head.getNext();
size = size - 1;

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King Arthur's Gold

Has anyone played King Arthur's Gold yet? It's a really fun indie game, with multiplayer support of up to 64 players, it's also free to play but you can pay for more classes and game modes.

King Arthur's Gold

I urge you guys to check it out, it's pretty fun. I love building sky bridges then destroying them when the enemy are under them.

It's inspired by that SNES game "King Arthur's World" which also looks cool but I haven't played it or heard of it till now.

OnLive - The future of online gaming?

What do you guys think about this OnLive gaming service using cloud gaming platform?

Theres been adverts of this thing everywhere on YouTube.

Brief summary of OnLive from what I have found out:
- It allows you to play the latest games on your TV, PC or Mac by streaming
- You get to demo games for free
- No discs/cds or downloads
- Monthly subscription fee
- Needs high speed internet
- Don't need a games console, but you get some kind of small console called "MicroConsole TV Adapter" and a controller.
- Watch live games being played across the world.

Some specs of their MicroConsole TV Adapter:
- Supports up to 4 wireless controllers, multiple bluetooth headsets, video and audio output provides component, HDMI, S/PDIF ports and an analog stereo minijack.
- Two USB ports for game controllers, keyboards, mice, and USB hubs.

Apprently according to wikipedia "Over 50 publishers, such as Take-Two, Ubisoft, Epic Games, Atari, Codemasters, THQ, Warner Bros., 2D Boy, Eidos Interactive, Disney Interactive Studios, and others have partnered with OnLive."


Animating in Charset

I'm just wondering if anyone knows how to animate well using charsets as I'm having trouble trying to produce good animation using charsets when my character is reloading or getting hit and when trying to show enemies getting hit by bullets and random blood spurts.

Now I can display the muzzle flash using a battle animation but I can only display a battle animation one at a time so that leads me to think I need to display the rest of the animation using charsets.

A few examples of what I'm looking for:

MMORPGs & RPGs with Weapon Customization

I've lately been playing Diablo 2 and I was wondering if any of you know of a game that has a lot of options for weapons and allows you to customize to your hearts content, Diablo 2 only does this but by only a bit, I can't make my sword inflict status effects only elemental damage. I was hoping you guys could recommend me MMORPGs/RPGs that have this, preferably in a MMORPG I'd like it to have PvP.

Strategy RPG Game Idea

I am itching for a new genre and I have thought of making a strategy RPG game, I have a few mechanics in place, much like Age of Empires where you research technologies but don't advance through ages. Assigning villagers/workers to tasks such a gathering food, chopping wood and stuff. But I am having a hard time bringing it all together, so to speak.

I need some more ideas on how I could make this work, I'm not thinking along the lines of an RTS or a turn based strategy game but a new kind of strategy game where I can make full use of in RPG Maker, I am infact just asking how would I go about developing a new strategy game in RPG Maker.

Recursively make map events

I am experimenting with a RTS project where I allow the player to make as many units as they want, thing is to do this I need to use events to make these units, is there any way for me to make events recursively and as many as the player wants without me having to manually make events?

Do you have real friends?

I've just experienced a situation in which one of my close friends have betrayed me on multiple occasions and I would like to know from the community here, if they have ever experienced such a situation and how do you know if you are around "REAL" friends?
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