Alternative to RPG Maker

Wolf RPG Maker is one I can recommend.

It seems quite superior compared to MV.

But why INDIA?

I can only speak from my personal experience and I am from Canada.

Indians speak good English. Their main issue is their accent more than anything else. Some have their accents so strong that it becomes an ordeal to listen to them.

Having said that, I've spoken Indian support reps from Bell Canada mostly. Though, as mentioned, Indian level 3 IT support is extremely common.
And, well, scam phone calls are either from China or India.

EnmxDev & Using Our Games

Yeah, Google was quick to respond to my requests.

The other sites? Nope, well, one did take mine down though. Still, the other sites are questionable sites to begin with.

Version 0.0.3 Wolf


Well, we will just have to agree to disagree.

I did take your advice to some degree and adjusted rooms. But your vision and mine are too far apart and, to be brutally honest, you pushed your idea on me too strongly, basically to a point of condemning my own.

If anything, by seeing that you wish to end talking to me, it's you that's taking my criticism badly.

I hope you will at least reply to my e-mails when questions arise about the engine itself.

Version 0.0.3 Wolf


Widderune, while I see your point, that house had its own reason for betraying its own shape. I shaped the interior the way it should have been, only to realize later that I could not fit Maco's room into it.
So, in the end, it became that. You won't even be able to enter the house soon once the starting quest is done.

It is not a realistic game. While I do adhere to certain aspect of rules, even if it's "not right" as you put it, it's not a game breaking element.
I will remark this though; you are obsessed on things players don't generally care. Again, it is a fantasy game where people cast magic and Gods roam around, enjoying life.
What if an interior is magically larger than what it appears on surface? That's fantasy. Japan wouldn't have its anime without fantasy.

What you are trying to do is trying to install strict realism in a fantasy game.

Additionally, as I mentioned before, the starting town has no significance. If you were to comment on the interior of the guild for an example where players will visit frequently, I will be more inclined to alter.

In conclusion, I am not saying you are wrong. But your design philosophy does not align with mine. I am quite carefree while you are overly strict. It's like water meeting oil. We are never gonna see things eye-to-eye.

Version 0.0.3 Wolf

I'm just going with my gamer's gut, I feel your inside room is too big.
I am mainly suggesting this, so you can get used to building your inside rooms consistently but without the need of others telling you "the room is too big".

Not sure about that.
I've had feedbacks from both devs and players before and there was a pattern.
Devs tend to care for things players don't tend to care.
The space aspect is one of them. I've never had players telling me that they felt rooms were too big. But devs certainly have told me what you've stated.

I am more close to players rather than devs which is why we are not quite seeing eye to eye on some things.

The reason the game runs on 720p is simple. While you say it's big, for me, I am quite sick of tiny looking RPGs. With my eye sights getting worse as I age, I just want things to be larger in general scale.
That's why I chose 40x40 and why character sprites are even bigger.

Version 0.0.3 Wolf


Well, you see, that's probably the only unusually big house which I will correct.

Have you visited other places? The starting village has less than 0.1% significance. You spend less than 3 minutes in there overall.

The carpet/rug idea is already there.... Just not all houses have it just as it does in real world.
But I will never place an animated arrow to indicate where the exit is. I am not going to treat players like idiots.
As an old-school RPG player, I always disliked extreme hand-holding shown by recent games.

I welcome your criticism. As a solo dev though, my top priority is preventing critical bugs first - get the game going, aesthetics later.

Bhavacakra Maco

The RPG Makers tend to have smaller resolutions.
RPG Maker MV's screen resolution is 816x624.
I believe all the RPG Maker resolutions are fixed to one size.

Just tested on my main monitor.

Smooth & fuzzy mode is clearly better when scaled up.

And those tileset issues are fixed internally. Won't show up as fixed until 0.0.3 arrives.

Bhavacakra Maco

Good. Like I said 1280x720 is big for Windowed mode, so others (like me) would set Config to Full Screen.
Did you test it in Full Screen?
You better try it, just to be sure.

I have to get back home to fully test it. On my laptop the difference is hard to tell. It's FDH 14 inch where everything looks rather tiny.

I'v never thought 1280 by 720 is big since I've had a FHD monitor for well over a decade and I've always felt default MV screen was tiny and hurt my eyes.

Can't even bare playing XP games on 24 inch FHD screen nowadays.

Bhavacakra Maco

Did you test the "Smooth and Fuzzy" setting that I mentioned?

I have. I think it upscales the graphics better (as in smoother). I don't see any harm using it, so I will use it.
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