I want to play this game but everytime I open it, I can't go up. Like, I literally can't click up on the directional keys of the laptop's keyboard. And once the game really starts and the player can move, my character immediately walks up and doesn't stop walking up and I can't move down at all anymore (unlike on the main menu, when the glitch of going up could at least be stopped and I could start playing the game). It counts as if the up key was being held/pressed constantly.

This isn't happening with any other game, any website, any program, only the game Remembrance

Edit: Nvm I tried another game that was made using the same program and the same thing is happening. Guess I'll die :/


I'm in love with SIAM... New 2D wife.
Btw when I downloaded the game, the system2c.png file was missing from the System2 folder so I had to get it myself.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Thinking of doing an interactive game dev/design tips & tricks thing. Messing around trying to figure out what it could look like.

Ignore the text it's just random

This looks... Super cool

Pom Gets Wi-Fi

Pom Gets Wi-Fi is a cute, fun game loved by many and Sated can stay upset about it. :^)
His "review" wasn't a review, it was just insults.

Help Center

Yeah, the download link is broken. :( I love this game, wanted to show it to my friends


Hey, I really liked this. This was actually a really cute and endearing game. It touched my heart. Thank you for making this game.


Can you post a link to the unedited version of this picture so I can look for the manga where it's from/source?


What's with the art? Looks traced/taken directly from a manga. :/

Birthday Kid

Oh, wow, I really enjoyed this a lot... *Lies on the floor to think about the game*
And that animation of them looking at the sky was short but very beautiful and well-made.
You made a good game.
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