Problem with RMXP

I'm trying out RPG Maker XP but I seem to have some rather...strange difficulties just starting it. The problem is this: Failed to obtain a trial serial number from the nTitles server.

Two types of skills

I need help making two types of skills for VX and maybe XP if I ever decide to use it.

Okay the first skill is a 'killer' skill. Which means killing an enemy in ONE hit.

EDIT:Okay, I just noticed that the hit rate for the killer skill was rather super low. (which it's intended to be) I think I got the hang of it now. Thanks!

Well then...Since I've also quitted trying to make a delay skill this topic=OVER

It seems like I forgot to introduce myself O_o

After looking around here, I noticed I didn't introduce myself XD!!! Haha, anyways, hi guys! ;D

Need A Title Screen

I'm in the middle of making my first game using RPG Maker VX (not submitted yet but will soon ^_^) and all I need is a title screen. I'm a ridiculously crappy artist so I need someone to make one for me. Umm...I think I would like the title screen to be something like a sky filled with stars and umm...Oh yeah of course, my game name (Himuro's Adventure) in...maybe like golden letters XD. Then I need to know how to put it in the title screen.
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