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FFXIII, XIII-2, Lightning Returns
Mass Effect 2 & 3



suzy's art

@Momeka Thanks very much!

suzy's art


Love the sparkly things hanging from the ceiling.

Momeka's Pixel Art

Cool devil dudes on the right hand side.

Starmage Sprites? >.<

No, the previous sprite looked better proportioned than the new one. The belly doesn't need to be shortened, the legs (I'd say below the knees) need to be lengthened.

That sprite is super cute regardless, though.

Well, wait, it depends on what her body shape is supposed to be. She looks kind of lean and lanky in the previous version. In the shortened one, I think you'd still need to make her legs longer to be slightly greater than the length of the arms.

So today I was diagnosed with autism. Still not sure what to make of it. I told my friends I'm not too upset by it, but... It is a bit of a shock.

Yep, what everyone else said. Glad you have a diagnosis, however belated it was. (In case that sounds glib, I wasn't formally diagnosed with a developmental disorder until my mid-twenties.)

@Dyhalto getting the correct diagnosis can be really helpful and positive, for some people. From what I gather, it's more like the stigma around neurodivergence and disability that would bring any negativity to a given condition (which includes systemic ableism that's perpetuated by some doctors/therapists, but of course not everybody).

Starmage Sprites? >.<

Cool work so far!

January 2018 Misao (im)Possibles

Well, I mean, Frogge's review does elaborate on every point that he mentions in that other post:

January 2018 Misao (im)Possibles

@manpaint, Frogge already reviewed Black Ritual earlier this month.

Yume Nikki just released on steam, along with a countdown

Just watched some more footage that had extra spooky things that the steam trailer didn't feature, & I still think it looks interesting.