[RMVX ACE] Need help about making game

hi there i started making hobby game 2 day ago
and i have lot of question

1) how to edit start screen? ( the one that have new game , load game , quit game )
2) if i downloaded a map and icon for item , where/which folder do i put it? to make it appear in database choice
3) i see few game can make an item which if player use , the player will be change sprite / teleported to other place , how to make that?
4) i tried making conditional branch but i don't understand how to make it work properly
for example i put it on a door
when i test it , the door disappear

5) tried making guard to block road
that need key item to pass
i already made the key item ,but the guard let me pass even if i have or dont have the key item

if possible may i see some picture of event content?
or game that can be used as example/undecrypted

thanks before~
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