Grey Skies

I appreciate the feedback! Right now I'm working on some improvements here and there. I'm figuring out how to make certain objects like zone transition arrows and speech bubbles stand out better, by having them in-color while the rest of the scenery being grey as it is. Added way more clarity to some item interactions and hopefully made the puzzles a bit more sensible. An uphill battle at this point.

Dialogue has been worked on heavily, I noticed there were a lot of inconsistent formatting and obsolete message box variants I had overlooked and forgotten to rewrite. I think I've fixed the grammar for the most part now, allowing of course for the main character still a chance to express herself with her strange (and not grammatically flawless) way of speech whenever it seemed appropriately exotic, funny or weird enough.

I've replayed Canvas too and making some progress, probably half way through. That's also something that gives off great impressions so far!


Seriously I never thought of it... how odd and how wrong it now looks to me.

Those replacements in your resource section are indeed amazing and should fit perfectly, thanks for the tip.

Grey Skies

Hey thanks for trying it out!

I haven't figured out a good intuitive way to introduce the player to combining items and the UI needs some work too. Pressing "X" only opens your inventory, you can't actually use your items there just view them (I'll be changing this as it's not very useful).

This game is a little different from most adventure games done in RPG Maker where items are automatically used as long as you have them in your inventory. Here you often have to press "A" to use any item you have on the object in front of you. If there's nothing to use the item at, you'll be asked if you want to combine any two items together.

Some items don't have any use yet and are there just to annoy you! But hopefully this will help you -- this demo isn't very long but I agree some item interactions are somewhat out of place and pretty difficult (but not outside bounds of logic, I was trying not to make it like those obtuse Discworld adventure games).


Just played through the short Alpha 3 demo, took about 30 minutes. I was drawn in by your no-nonsense disclaimer at the top of this page, and I'm glad I stayed to play it through! Though I didn't explore the town that was mentioned because, silly me, wanting to take a cruise on the airship first meant I had to get completely LOST as expected and couldn't find my way back there. Here's a mini review:

The bleak aesthetics really stood out. Custom and modified graphics are also well integrated everywhere. It's interesting how much you're able to make just modifying contrasts on default RTP sometimes!

Music is fitting though with this sample of tracks in the demo it left a rather generic impression on my ears. (I find pianos better served with a deeper/more old classical sound than you/your composer's tastes in bright pianos and tonal writing might allow, but that's just me. Keep composing as you will!) Winners of the soundtrack for me are "Core underground bg" "Duel" and especially "Core mk3 v2".

I found the writing to be confusing, and this could be due to several things. First of all, the way the action is presented makes no effort to explain itself or any of the characters, terms or factions at play here. There's lots of spelling mistakes all over, mostly in map object texts. Dialogue isn't particularly engaging, but it might feel different if I had any idea what was going on :)

Oh and gameplay... mapping is fine but layouts were confusing at some parts. Skills and abilities obviously WIP but the guard/life system feels like a solid fun foundation for an engaging battle system. I've not much to add but to wait impatiently for what comes next in development for Border!

Beta is done!

I could also gladly help playtesting this.

Skuud City; First Look/ New Battle Animation +Sound

The center portion is a bit empty, yeah. Brimming with atmospheric grittiness in any case, good edits from different sources and it all feels visually coherent.


I actually liked the story and the experimental nature of it all, but that haphazard mapping held it back some. You could open the menu but it didn't display any text at least for me.

Anyway, curious also about the Wolf engine, it feels proficient and the game runs well. I had to take a look how it looks, and it does feel like RM but new at the same time. Sort of grade above 2k but hair below VX, and there's a nice RTP tiles & chars included that would also look great on RM projects, why not. Trying to make sense of japanese is one thing, but if only most of the menus and descriptions didn't just display ??? marks all over the place...

Public download now available

That was a swell short demo, so here's some feedback.

- First thing is everything feels very very laggy. Cut back on those more busy scripts if you can.
- I liked the thief battle, even if I died there first time too. You have enough MP to cover heals and also kill him with Lunge so it's just the question of whether the player has realized you have those 2 skills, something which the game probably should have reminded you. So in the end maybe the only thing ridiculous about him is his absurd running speed...
- There's a different text box look within the screenshots that I like more than what's in the demo. The bright yellowish "flying" outlines are too prominent and distract from everything else. And that text noise is annoying/too bright and loud.
- NPC interactions have some weird stuff going on which gets me thinking all kinds of things. Talking to everyone was fun and made me more invested in the game world, even if this demo hasn't had many chances to detail the backstory yet.
- That zooming effect in battle becomes dizzy very quickly.

- Mapping is very pleasing throughout with a good use of different resources!

- Yep, pacing feels uneven and some of the events seem to take place too quickly after one another. But I liked that grandpa's scene, it was well executed and worked fine even if we didn't have any backstory on the poor guy at this point.

Overall I found the demo a good experience! You have a heavy reliance on interface scripts and at this point it's understandable you're still finding out which works and which doesn't. You could have done "more with less" by scrapping some of the bloat but this'll probably happen sooner or later along the course of the Gam Mak process.

The next RPG Maker

Tileset support could use work... parallax mappers, who always have to do extra work just to get simple things done, should get more tools to help them and not be punished with the silly engine limiting their efforts. And how in general the parallel process eventing is... just crap and so 1990's in how much lag just a few non-complex events can cause. Like its the same poor engine code reused from 2000 until Ace!

But... "RPG Maker 2015" will probably just be something designed solely for smartphones in mind and be limited in scope and ambition. There has to be a year for the company to goof around, when most of the staff can now finally take good long holidays and temp interns code something just as proof for showing up for work in the meantime.


This is real good. The neatly stylized font works fine (is it custom?). Best of all its laid out in a same style all throughout, unlike many games that for some reason like to plaster 10 different kinds of fonts of different sizes/styles over the screen and think there's nothing offensive about that.

Right, maybe the bottom info bar has rather redundant/useless data, especially if there's a whole separate quest log page.