[VX Ace] Is a Rudra's Treasure- style Mantra system possible?

In this "lost" Square game which never had an overseas release and is often overlooked, magic was learned by combining words or letters together which resulted in different spells and effects.

For example:

"IG" was the basic root word for a fire spell. You could write as a spell "IGNA" and you'd have a fire spell that targets multiple enemies, or "IGNASU" for a stronger fire spell. Same with other elements: "AQU" was the root word for water spells, and "-NA" makes it hit all enemies. "IGAQUNATOS", for a combination of all these spell effects, with some added power... And so on.

In addition there were numerous unique spell-words that broke the normal word syntax rules, like "STELLA" which drains mobs life or "DEATH" which, well, does exactly that. And you were rewarded for staying sharp during fights and writing down the spells mobs/bosses used, and even improvise on their syntax to get more power out of them.

The limit of letters you could write was something like 15, and it was fun to experiment with different words to see what crazy things you could come up with. It'd be fun to tinker with a system like this in Rpg Maker, as it could result in something fantastic with some improvements.

The thing is, is it even possible in VX Ace? I wish I knew more about scripting than I do. What I was thinking, basically: Input a dummy hero's name, then check if any part of that input contains desirable combinations of letters, then add a skill with those effects. Seems impossible to do with eventing, because you can only check if the full input = something, not just any parts of the input and base the results on the combination of those, which is needed.

Problems making a rock-pushing puzzle

I've hit bit of a wall trying to figure out how to event a certain puzzle into my game. Here's what I'm after:

In a dungeon, there's a large lake, let's say 15x15 squares. The player has to get across by pushing rocks into water. There are 20 rocks ready to be used nearby. When a rock is pushed into water, it stays there and can be walked over, and other rocks can also be pushed over it. There are some obstacles in the water, so he cannot just push 15 rocks to form a straight bridge to get to the other side. The problem is, the body of water is huge, and the choices where the rocks can be pushed into are, in a certain sense, limitless.

I'm trying to do this in Rpg Maker VX. The normal way for me to do any kind of a rock-meets-switch puzzle is to make parallel events that track the location of the switch, and the rock, and make something happen when those conditions are equal. But now I have a huge body of water and a dozen rocks so I can't make parallel events to track all that mess.

Do you think it's possible to make this work without too many parallel processes? By like changing the properties of the rock sprites to be unmovable and walkable over when they come in touch with water tiles? How exactly? Or is scripting the only answer (I know nothing of that art)?

Thanks :)

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