Well, I am a somewhat new maker... actually I should rephrase that... I have yet to make a game (not from lack of trying) But I am an avid rpger, and I will try any game once, and usually will be very blunt about how I feel about a game.


Newb needing help (vx ace)

Hey I am trying my hand at my first game, but I am a bit clueless about a lot of the inner workings. My biggest problem is a switches and some events. The event issue i am having is I want to make an intro with an option to skip it. Also similarly, I would like to have a sort of character selection option if thats possible.


If you are a fan of the game you know what those three letters mean, if not let me inform you. Legend of the Dragoon. A ps one game that is arguably one of the greatest rpg games ever made. What I am wondering is if there has ever been a fan remake, and if so, where do I find it?

Iconset for VX

I am trying to import an icon set (albeit a very large one.) into vx and the system does not seem to acknowledge it... any suggestions?

Different kind of Characters needed.

Okay, I am trying to make a game in VX but it doesnt have the characters I would like. I am looking for a way to make animal like characters. Not animal characters (I could do something like that but I would rather not.) but, um, whats that word... anethropic individuals (also known as furrs.) If anyone could point me in the right direction, or even help by showing me that kind of, um, chipset is it... yeah chipset then I would be most grateful.


I was wondering, even though Renpy is mostly a Visual novel maker, is it at all possible to make an rpg with it?

Just a quick question

Okay my question is this... I just did my first review about two hours ago, and it is still pending. So how long does it usually take for a review to get approved?


Hello I am mostly new to this site, and am an avid game player, though I have been thinking about making my own game. I am not to sure how I should start but I am open to suggestions... on a side note I do have ideas for games if anyone would like to hear them, message me please.

I am not sure.

I am not sure how to put an avitar on, or even if I am putting this in the right zone. Could someone please help me?
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