Hey there, back again after so long! Hobbyist developer, artist and musician with a passion for RPGs and game systems (as in the structures behind games, not video game consoles). Here to make friends and games with those friends, hopefully that means you all.


Battle System Idea

Howdy ho y'all! Been a long while. Lately I've been thinking about battle systems, specifically a variation of the ATB system which incorporates more active elements, like a cross between an ATB system and the systems of Xenosaga, Legaia or SRW OG.

This system's base is the active bar which rises with time (can be modified through spells and the character's speed stat) which when full allows the selection of moves (as normal), the difference is that the moves will be mapped to different buttons and they can be chained. Now instead of a hard cap limited by AP or an arbitrary number I was thinking of a softcap. This cap would come in the form of a decay of the active bar, which would be slower than it fills up (also modified by spells/speed stat) allowing faster characters more attacks per turn.

As far as how chained attacks could work it could be a synergistic system whereby attacks of certain attributes buff the next attack in the combo with complimentary attributes (for a magic example chaining a water than a wind/lightning spell), with combos contributing to slowing active bar decay as well.

The one balance problem would be how to keep track of AB decay without making the player feel rushed, or as if they have two much time with one character. Anyway, looking for suggestions, people to tell me the idea is dumb, whatever. Let's talk about it.

What's in a Name?

I've noticed in games but in RPGs and fantasy based works in general a tendency to Gundamise names, that is put names together that either make little sense from a cultural-linguistic standpoint or to invent names that would likely not have been invented for the same reasons. But what is in a name?

Personally it really breaks my immersion into a game to see a character named Hiryuu Freeman, as is the case for Japanese game makers as well as amateurs in the field. But not all name choices are bad, let's take Tales of Symphonia as an example: Lloyd Irving, doesn't necessarily feel out of place, Sheena (Shīna) Fujibayashi, also not out of place given her connection to a area based off Japanese ninja society. Those two examples are of good name usage that really adds to gameplay by being believable and not out of place.

So why choose names with no cultural connections like Hiryuu Freeman? Well perhaps it has a lot to do, in the Japanese case, of looking east since America is the cultural hegemon of the world. In the case of the amateur however I suspect the opposite to be true, for Americans it's to look west whilst for Europeans it's east, due to the influx of cultural products from Japan, and recently as of the last decade from Korea, including anime, manga and RPGs. It's this fascination with the others' cultures that results in names in video gaming, but also Gundam, being so absurd.

My view? Well in anything I do I strive for plausibility, if I'm setting a game in the real world or basing it off real world concepts, such as my current project based off Anglo-Saxon mythology, I use appropriate names, if I'm however developing an entirely new world with new concepts I invent languages and names. I won't say that is for everyone, and it could just be that because I'm a linguistics major I'm just nitpicky, but if everyone would give it some thought we might see less Hiryuu Freemans in the world and more pleasant names.

Looking to Get Restarted

Well I've been gone for quite a while but I'd been yearning to get back with a story idea that'd been floating in my head. That idea itself would be to make an epic tale based loosely off what's known of Anglo-Saxon mythology, along with other Germanic mythologies, with the working title of Wælcyrie Knight.

So what I need is a secondary spriter, someone to make the monsters basically. I've some knowledge of spriting myself and can handle the characters and can take some of the monster making load. I'll also perhaps need a composer, currently using the stuff that Aaron Krogh posted in the resource museum (fantastic stuff really), but I need a few more story appropriate themes. All credit will be given, because anything I work on with others is not my own. But I have nothing else to offer, I'm doing this due to my love of creating things first and foremost.

And lastly, the engine used is RPGMaker 2003. Thank you in advance and I hope to create something beautiful.


...8bit Sprite artist, tileset manufacturer & so on and so forth for my Stella project, you don't have to be terribly good? You just have to want to create something enjoyable with me. =]

Anyone who signs on board will be credited as a full developer and will help shape the future of the project with all rights accorded. All materials created for the project will remain the respective properties of the creator(s), so, well, you can do what you want with it.

Also recruiting a scripter and a co-mapper. Maybe two co-mappers, 'cause I have my lazy days. >.> Oh, and maybe a composer, but, if no one wants to compose, I guess I can just steal musicas from other games (read: take with full credits to original authors). Of course, I can't offer any compensation other than the satisfaction of creating something new (read: I'm a poor college student with no job.), and so everyone who works with me will also get a complimentary package of my love and adoration.

tl;dr I need people to make my game for me. =O

I dunno if this should go here, but...

...Here's the grammar to a language I've been working on, figured I should get it out there. This was actually the first language I ever did, and so I decided a couple months ago to completely redo it, now instead of being an Indo-European clone it's a Finno-Ugric clone with Nez Perce & Japanese features, yay!

I'm probably the only person excited about this, but, whatever, I suppose. xD

There you guys go.

Game Idea

So, I'm working on a game in RM2k and was wondering if anyone would like to do a collab. This project is not related to the Stella project other than a few terms.

The story is this:

After losing her husband to war and her first born child to plague, Freyja is driven mad with grief and thus decides to find a new purpose in life. She does this by joining, in her husband's footsteps, the military, though she initially does so in secret, as women weren't allowed in the military in medieval times, no matter how much RPGs will tell you they were.

So, all well and good, she becomes one of the most prized military officers in her country of Vinland. But, alas, her secret comes out, and she is set to be executed, when the gracious king Karl Magnus IV comes up with a better solution. They had been seeking a champion to undertake a great quest to investigate the appearance of fell beasts around the great root of the world tree Yggdrasill, Oeppenhet, and she, with her proven loyalty to the crown and strong character was seen as the best choice.

Freyja, though her desire to be in heaven with her husband and child were strong, greatly feared death, and so took the king's offer.

And that's all I really have so far, don't want to spoil too much after all, anyway, if anyone's interested in working on this idea with me, you know, well, erm, reply to this thread I s'pose.

HUD Help

So, I found this really awesome HUD, credit to MOG @ Atelier RGSS, and I was wondering how to modify the script so that instead of showing on the map it replaced the HUD for the battle screen.


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