is it too late for ironhide facepalm
everything else is child's play



Final Fantasy vs. Dog

this is the best thing i've ever seen on this website

Ok, so What the Heck is #shump?

you guys are a trip and a half. please keep in mind the last time i was an active user of this website was ~4 years ago so i have no idea what it's like now.

i hope this site is still doing beneficial things for people who want to Make A Thing. just because it doesn't do much for me doesn't mean other folks can't get something out of it. & i hope they do!!!

seriously though i don't know where this "you guys hate everything don't you" thing came from, that is pretty much completely the opposite of the experience i've had with "the shmups." damn man, i just want there to be more cool, ambitious games in the world that don't compromise on their vision.

Ok, so What the Heck is #shump?

echoing magi's sentiment about community. this one isn't really one that makes me feel a need to push myself artistically, so outside of a couple of shitty posts in this thread, that's why i've never returned. if it's a good deal for other folks, that's cool! i hope some cool games get made. work hard on your games. finish your games. release your games. the world needs games.

when some stuff went down way back when and the community-within-the-community that pushed me to improve was moving along, i moved along with it. i also moved on from RPGMaker, which has ultimately been the best game-making choice i could have made.

i'm still working on my game and honestly ever since i started hanging out with shmup dudes&dudettes(and the reason i've continued with em) they were the people who were really brutally critical of anything i would show them, and that was helpful to me. not an environment that works for everyone though- there really are a lot of people in the modern world that react super defensively to unfiltered critical analysis. personally, i do really well when people are unabashed about telling me something i've done isn't up to par, or when i'm given straightforward advice about major revisions. it's all about finding the environment that works for you, man.

anyway, i'm gonna fade back into obscurity now. be on the lookout for my hot & spicy games some day. & never forget, kids

also shit damn, are you still making games ChaosProductionsLouisCyphre?

he's one cool cuke, shiksas & goyim. go play Ill Will, that game was cool.

Ok, so What the Heck is #shump?

I was involved with Team Cascade, who as I understand were part of shmup.

forgive me but i have no idea who you are and no memory of you from team cascade

Ok, so What the Heck is #shump?


a musical history

all these moments... will be lost in time...... like... tears... in....... rain.....

time........ to die........

Just had a very emotional experience.

the moon, you say

Today is Craze's birthday!

happy birthday, Craze!

Forever's Ecchi

is this joke

is this


Happy Birthday Mog!