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Safety: Life Is A Maze

the bugs are definitely there

i remember my game crashing twice within the first 10 minutes due to some kind of eventing error

and then after beating the very first monster the load screen would pop up after every fight until i died. perhaps this had to do with how game over conditions were handled?

also using a potion didn't always update my HP visually until i reopened the menu

we're working with rm2k3 so i understand that there are a lot of limitations to deal with, especially for an action/adventure game. you might want to consider switching engines in the future to something more suitable. also for future games i would like to see a bigger emphasis on puzzles, and having the player solve his/her way through a problem in a methodical manner, rather than what you have right now which is basically the player being at the game's mercy until the game (or luck) decides that the player can proceed

Safety: Life Is A Maze

just off the top of my head

1. right before you encounter the area with multiple enemies guarding a 1UP (one of them was a sword) there was a passable brick wall tile if you entered it from the side

2. seems like this one was already mentioned, but one of the columns in the school stairway had an overlay issue

3. another overlay issue at another stairway. this one was much longer, pretty sure it was leading up to the end of the stage. i think it was an overlay issue with the rails

as a suggestion, it would be pretty cool to have a temporary speed boost spell

Safety: Life Is A Maze

cleared it

i thought this game was very charming and enjoyable on an artistic level. on a gameplay level however, it was quite frustrating and i found many of your choices in design to be questionable. with how battles and stage hazards are right now, progression is almost entirely random which is a huge problem. there are also a lot of bugs atm, along with tiling issues, both of which are some of the easiest ways to disrupt gameplay and break immersion. i have to wonder if you've tried playing through this game yourself because some of the things that you are subjecting your players to is downright silly

that said there must have been something about this game that kept me playing from beginning to end (despite having sent it to my recycling bin on two separate occasions...)

all in all i think your games are cool (i beat ISoG too). they have a distinct visual style which is probably your greatest strength. if you just polish up on your gameplay a bit more you'd have the potential to achieve something much greater

just my two cents! i hope nothing came off too harsh here


Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

just beat it! i had a lot of fun with this

i gotta say though, neok:

the puzzles that were included in the second half of the game were kind of frustrating and required way too much trial and error, but maybe that's just me. it just seems like i got stuck way too much and it was really disrupting the flow of the game. but other than that i have no major complaints. likeable characters, good humor, cool DBS, great game.

congrats on finally finishing it :)

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

I only have the one puzzle left in Underwater Facility 2 and I seem to be stuck. How do you solve the one where you're in a room with 9 teleporters that just make buzzing sounds? I can't seem to do anything except just leave.
you have to get each of them to light up purple or w/e. in other words, touch them in different orders

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

Very fun game, been playing it all day, but im stuck at the underwater facility 2. How to beat this?
i was stuck on underwater facility 1 for the longest time until i realized that the teleporters actually led me to different places when i used them over and over. wish i had figured this out sooner, because i was running around for an hour

underwater facility 2 is really just a bunch of mazes and puzzles. you just keep clearing them until the water level is lowered.

Clock of Atonement

this was fun! it's a bit short (you can beat it in under 10 minutes), but the concept is really neat. i'd be more than down to play a "full" game that expands on this one's ideas.

Saint Seiya Den 2.1 demo

this games sick

Cyber Factor

thank you leric, this was a really fun demo! the gameplay is great and there are a lot of cool concepts and features
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