Where's the dl link tho?

Neverspring Chronicles: Phoenix Down

so how do i get the newest one?
your dropbox is pretty frantic, i downloaded the game a couple of weeks ago (with skills problems) and it's ~772Mb, I dled another one now from your dropbox and it's ~757Mb.

Could you give a proper link to the lastest vesion?

Neverspring Chronicles: Phoenix Down

Sprint doesn't work.
Why do I have skills I already know in 'Learn skills' menu and why can I spend money/sp to learn them (and gain nothing)?
I also fain 1000+ sp per fight.
I tried the online version and it's completely different? Like my damage numers are completely red and the options menu in online is different?
Am I missing something.

Wonder Robot D

So is it a demo or a full game?
I get contradicting messages here :D

Heroes of Shaola

why does it say 'complete' when it's clearly not?

Lakria Legends

hi, dl-ed the 3.0 and now it wants 2003 rtp (which i have and also it didn't need before).

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

Yeah, thanks guys, I figured it out. I was super sleepy in the evening and must have missed the dialog.

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

Please help.

how do i get to the airship hangar the 1st time? the door is red (locked) and i think im missing the 3rd party member (the girls's companion)? is my game bugged?

last dialog was about getting the airship and that it will be ready in 2 hours or something.

Meta Revelations: Ring Spirits

Hey Teemor, can you tell me how this happened? The bird isn't supposed to be fought this early (It's the second trial, not the first trial), so then I can replicate it.

talked to the arch-raven and then went to allan's house and it was all cutscenes till the pseudo-tai fight. after that i woke up (i guess) and appeared in snowland. where everyone is whooping my ass and i cant get out.

Meta Revelations: Ring Spirits

The triggers are all over the place.
In burning village I walked in the trainer's house and when I came out the village was in normal state (not burning). Some other stuff too, I forgot.

But the main thing - I went from the mountains to Utopica, talked to the arch-raven and then went to allan's house. saw a dream, battled bird and then somehow appeared in snow-kitsune-land. beat the boss with allan and then... can't get out.

1. how the hell did i get here
2. who the hell is gost they tell me talk to again (i never even met him).
3. did i break the game
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