[RMVX] Is there a way to fade out the screen except the playable character?

It's for an elevator!

Need opinions on my coding (Text based RPG in Python)


I've been playing around with Python 2.7 for the past year. Kiiiinda dropped it recently to muck around with RPG Maker but now making an effort to commit to it more frequently. Basically, I'm looking for someone to point out anything I'm doing wrong/inefficiently within this project (and I'm certain there's a lot of messy stuff going on) and give advice on what and what not to do in regards to clean, efficient coding to help this aspiring programmer become less garbage.

Thanks for your time.

EDIT: Wasn't sure where to put so if this is the wrong place, my bad.

[RMVX] Possible causes of an RPG Maker game freezing on start up?

The download file itself works fine on my end but another person has reported a crash on their end. Any possible causes as to why this is happening? I'm completely clueless as to what the problem may be v_v.

Was there ever a script to change equipment during battle for VX?

Looked forever for one. I'm sure there's one out there.....

Alphabet Charsets

Anyone have any good alphabet charsets other than the donrpg2000 one, preferably MS gothic (ill take anything suitable tho).

thanks in advance :)

Enable combo help RPGM2003

Does the enable combo command only work for that turn? or is it the for that characters following turn? Coz when I have a battle command with enable combo it doesn't disable it at all after said command is executed (even after battle,). Also it doesn't seem to work with Item (ie double item wont do shit). im obviously missing somethin' but racking my brain tryin to figure it out. Any help please?

No mp3 playback RPGM 2003

Hey all i seem to not be gettin any mp3 playback on RPG maker 2003 it plays when in the database but during gameplay, nada. do I need a patch? I tried one of the patches that says MP3 playback'll work on recent ver. of RPG maker 2003. and im using ver 1.08 if that means anyting.

thanx in advance

Might as well....

introducey myself, dont wanna come off as a rude fag considering im on here quite a bit. To be honest, didnt think id be on here much but the user friendlyness and lack of douchebags says otherwise!

Im Dallas, 22 failing life but enjoying every bit of it. have always been somewhat of a RPG fanatic, many many nostalgic moments as a kid (early teen?) playing Zelda OOT, the ol pokemon stadium and transfer packs (Damn that shit was fun) and of course the FF franchise. picked up the trial version of RPG maker XP a few years ago but scrapped it and have now picked up 2K/3 and having fun with those progs, hence, i decided to come here!

Help with submitting RM games

hey all, I m probably the dumbest ass for asking this but how exactly do I make the game file usable for download? Do I make a game disk for it then zip that or do I just zip the file that contains the game file? Iv had it submitted and everything but apparently it doesn't seem to work according to a few people....Have looked around for a help topic but couldn't find (shows how stupid I am!) all help appreciated


Sunburn status condition

Hey all, I'm trying to implement a feature where if you spend too much time on a beachy area, you'll get sunburnt. would it be a matter of putting a combination of a common event and an event in the said area or can it be done just through a common event? All I know is that a switch should activate upon entering the area, a timer counting down then the characters status condition change (Ivee made an item "Beach umbrella" that'll prevent the sunburn status effect only in a beach if its in inventory) and the switch turning off when exiting.

Also any advice on the coding? I'd rather not have the coding done out for me, I would learn it better by doing ithe majority of the coding on my own. I know it'll have fork conditions in the coding but thats the part thats fuckin with me. Any help appreciated. Cheers!
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