I am CashmereCat now.


Twisted baubles replace my brain and I am toxic yet nice. There's a lot to me, but also not a lot going on up there, they say. PM me because I love attention, I do interviews, I do reviews, I do stuff. Here for the long haul. Gotta hustle.

I'm working on whatever I'm working on, and I love RPG Maker games that aren't traditional RPGs. Puzzlers, interactive stories, but nothing too abstract that'll weird me out. Just give me a polished gem and I'll stare at it for days, marveling at the way the light reflects just right, inner inflections, potato top pie.

I want to make games with you.



Pom Gets Wi-Fi

corfaisus the irony is that you're one of the most active memebers on this topic lels so u contributed to the hype bwahahahahahha

Pom Gets Wi-Fi

corfaisus stop h8ing its just a game. nobody need 2 get sad over the success of someone else.

Clock of Atonement

Just played this game, it's extremely short, small file download size and it's a really good story. Thoroughly recommended 10/10.

Pom Gets Wi-Fi

Cool. Keep us posted, K, in case a screenshot or something drops. I like that the concept is really unique. You'll be using 2k3 again? What will gameplay be like?

Pom Gets Wi-Fi

@Me-Patra What's next in the works?

The Legend of Jak (Demo V2.2)

Just played this game. It's a really good combination of action RPG and other elements fused together really well. I haven't played through it all but what I played was very captivating and I will probably keep playing it because nothing turned me off the experience. I hope it just gets better from here and it may shape up to be one of the coolest releases on RPG Maker this year.

Pom Gets Wi-Fi

To be fair I feel there has been a period of relative inactivity on RMN in general after the hallows event finished. Pom fans are probably the only ones making the world go round atm.


Very cool, I just made a review of this game. Nominated for Best Setting (experimental facility FTW).