Just a fan of story driven games, horror games, simulation games. I love anything that I can smile, cry and get scared with!



The Room

Hey Soul_Hacker. I played your game on my channel:

It was fun and very entertaining. Good job man

The Stoneville Mystery

Playing through this game on my channel and put the link to your game fluffydud!

Hopefully my subs play it, it's great so far

Hey everyone. I'm Jay from TheKubzScouts

Hey guys,

i'm a Youtuber that loves playing games that have great story lines and atmosphere, I want to immerse myself in the game.

I've played Mad Father, Ib and i'm halfway through Crooked man. I also recently just tried "It Moves"

I was wondering if you guys could recommend me some games with stories that grab you and never let go..and also just wanted to say hi to the RMN community.

It Moves

Hey Snow Owl,

I want to play this on my channel, but when I saw the footage, it was WAAY too dark to see anything. I know in the beginning you can change the brightness, but i'm pressing every key (And felt dumb) and nothing worked. What key is it?

Going to play it on my channel:
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