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Bin Laden Defeated

He should have been smart enough not to list his real address on his PSN ID

What makes you laugh?

She so can dance.

[EVENT] Community project: Super RMN RPG VX

Would work if the premise was a bit more interesting than just make an RPG. I always thought it would be a fun community project for and RPG which is written out like a poorly translated pirate copy from Singapore.

I can still dream.

Ignorant Hilarity from this morning

Sounds like one of those movie scene moments.

[EVENT] Community project: Super RMN RPG VX

How much of the game has actually been sent in?

[EVENT] Community project: Super RMN RPG VX

I'd love to contribute to this but the inpending deadline you have is not helping. I'd suggest scrapping or extending this deadline as I already have some ideas for this.

Where did RPing go, and Why?

I always personally see the Role Play element in games such as off the top of my head Icewind Dale or Dragon Age where I personally make this character and I take the role of him or her and effect my judgment on the people I meet and the things that I do.

This is a very different role playing experience in my eyes than any JRPGs. Call it being naive in aspects of old RPGs but since games especially western RPGs I've gone off many aspects in JRPGs because I don't feel that 'Role Playing' experience that gets to me in many western RPGs.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Replaying Dragon Age Ultimate Edition before I dig into Dragon Age II.


New resources from Enterbrain!

I'm pitching 'Tales of a Drunken Samurai'.

New resources from Enterbrain!

Thanks watermark I get a free boat.